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Learn Spanish in Mexico for Adults

Spanish Courses in Mexico
  • Home of the Maya and Aztecs
  • Caribbean beaches and jungle
  • Spanish courses on the Yucatan Peninsula

Due to the vibrant, colourful culture; the deep-rooted history and tradition; and the open, friendly nature of the people Spanish courses in Mexico are a continuously popular choice among language learners. The exciting home of tequila, tortillas and mariachis is filled with rich Aztec and Mayan history celebrated through numerous fiestas and festivals year round.

The landscape of Mexico is magnificently diverse - from areas of thriving tropical greenery, to cactus-filled arid dessert, to glorious beaches and sparkling waters. These are not the only reasons people choose to take Spanish courses in Mexico - Mexican Spanish is thought to be somewhat easier to pick up than other versions of Spanish due to its slower pace and clearer pronunciation.

If you choose to learn Spanish in Mexico you will be combining an exotic holiday with a language education, making for an all-round unforgettable experience. On our Spanish courses in Mexico you will have the chance to practise what you are learning throughout your course in practical, everyday situations. Use this free time to go sight-seeing, relax on the beach or simply soak up daily Mexican life. As the people of Mexico are infamously friendly and hospitable you should feel confident using your new language skills to communicate with them during your Spanish course.

Our Language Courses in Mexico:

Sprachreisen nach Playa del Carmen
  • Picturesque Caribbean beaches 
  • Latin American flair 
  • Dancing and cooking classes available 
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Sprachreisen nach Playa del Carmen
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Why study Spanish in Mexico?

Not only could you accelerate your language skills during one of Sprachcaffe's Spanish courses in Mexico, but you could also combine this with an exciting holiday. The Central American country of Mexico is rich in history and culture with century-old traditions, customs and beliefs still being practised.

There is plenty to experience during your time on your Spanish course in Mexico: from the many colourful festivals and holidays, to the pyramids and other artefacts left over by the Aztecs and Mayans; not to mention the delicious cuisine and diverse landscape.

By experiencing the Mexican way of life first-hand your grasp of the Spanish language and its use in everyday life will increase two-fold. You could use what you learn in class to help you in your explorations of Mexico; and similarly, use your experiences of Mexican life as discussion material in the classroom. The benefits of taking Spanish courses in Mexico are manifold and will be an experience you'll never forget.

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