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Located in South Asia, sharing it's borders with India and China, Pakistan is a country so far away from us, and not only geographically but also, for example, linguistically. What language is spoken in Pakistan, by the way?

Let's find out in the course of this Sprachcaffe article, in which we will delve into the question between Pakistan and its official language.


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Right in the heart of Europe we find Luxembourg, a truly fascinating country but about which we know very little. Could you tell, for example, what language is spoken in Luxembourg? Probably not, but finding out will amaze you.

It is precisely for this reason that today here on Sprachcaffe we will delve into the subject, discovering the language spoken in Luxembourg and its peculiar characteristics, but also the other idioms spoken here. Yes,…

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Egypt is a beautiful country in North Africa that is visited by millions of tourists every year, including hundreds of thousands of Italians. If you too have decided to admire the pyramids at Giza and the Luxor temple, take a cruise on the Nile, or stroll the sunny beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh, then read on to find out what language is spoken in Egypt. Below, we have compiled some information on the country's main languages and their history to…

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