College Accommodation During Selected English Courses

College Overview
  • Experience a local college
  • For young people
  • England & USA
  • Full board

Want to experience the everyday life of a college student? During the summer, when the local students are away for the holidays, our own Sprachcaffe students can stay in colleges and discover what it‘s like to study in England or the USA.

The colleges we work with offer shared bedrooms and full board. Kitchens and bathrooms are generally common areas. Each college may offer additional services that you can find on our different destination pages.

Where can you book college accommodation?

This accommodation option is only available in destinations where you can learn English and is specifically offered to our young students. Find below the destinations where we offer college accommodation:

Learn English in London - The Bustling Capital

Most popular European destination
Perfect for British English
Countless leisure options

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Language School in Boston - The Athens of America

One of the oldest cities in the USA
Countless historic landmarks
Beautiful scenery

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Language School in New York - The Big Apple

"The city that never sleeps"
Endless culture with a myriad of renowned landmarks
Lively nightlife

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Learn English in Brighton - Summer Residence of the Royals

Popular resort on the south coast
Multicultural atmosphere
Just 45 minutes from London

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Language School in Los Angeles - City of Angels

Beautiful and sunny California
Lively nightlife
Tons of famous attractions

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