Preparing your journey

Entry requirements

If you plan on staying in Cuba for up to 30 days you will require a “tourist card”. This card must be purchased prior to entering Cuba and is available Cuban embassies as well some airlines within airports. If you wish to stay more than 30 days a Visa is required by law. Remember to plan ahead as obtaining a Visa can take several weeks.


There are two main currencies in Cuba, the original Peso Cubano (CUP, symbol: Cub $) and the Peso Convertible (CUC, symbol: $). As a tourist you pay with the Peso Convertible, which is divided into 100 centavos

Health care

Tourists are treated exclusively in hospitals meant for tourists, not local ones. The cost of various treatments are extremely high and therefore insurance is required. You will only be permitted to enter Cuba provided you have private travel health insurance coverage (an insurance card or certificate will suffice). Please note that you can always chose to book you travel insurance through Sprachcaffe. It is required that you have at least the common vaccinations prior to entering the country; such as vaccinations for tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis A. If you plan on remaining in the country for over 4 weeks you should at least have vaccinations for hepatitis B, typhoid and rabies. Other useful information to keep in mind: tap water is not drinkable and bottled water is available in most shops. Fruits and vegetables should always be peeled, cleaned and/or cooked before consumption.

Packing checklist

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Damit Sie perfekt vorbereitet sind, haben wir eine Packliste für Sie zusammengestellt.