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Connecting Activities in Cuba

Our drumming courses in Cuba
  • Cuban rhythms with Bongos & Tumbadores
  • 10 lessons, each of 45 minutes, per week
  • Professional percussion teacher

Drumming Courses

The people of Cuba have music in their blood. The Cuban population is made up of descendants of African slaves, Spanish conquerors and European immigrants. This mixture of attitudes, traditions and emotions is expressed in the many different styles of music.

While drumming you can feel the soul of the music and thus directly experience part of Cuban culture. During our courses you could learn about the different percussion instruments and interesting facts about their history and origins before you try playing the Bongos and Tumbadores yourself. For this it is necessary that you learn about the correct hand and body positions, the different beats and the many ways to hold the instrument. Over time, you will find that your sense of rhythm will adapt to that of island’s inhabitants.

The course focuses upon the various styles of Cuban music: you would learn about the 3 styles of Rumba, the Son, the Cha Cha Cha and, of course, different Boleros. The number of participants in each course is very limited; as a result, the skills and interests of each individual can be considered. Even advanced players could get many interesting ideas and suggestions during our courses.

Price per week: 125 USD

What’s included in the price:

  • 2 lessons per day (10 lessons, each of 45 minutes, per week)
  • Starts: every Monday
  • Professional percussion teacher
  • Certificate of participation upon completion of the course

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