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About German

Facts about German
  • 110 million native speakers in Europe
  • Mother tongue of Goethe, Nietzsche and Beethoven
  • German Language Courses in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe with over 110 million speakers. Along with being an interesting language to learn, German is a prominent language in the European world of commerce and finance.

For those of you interested in learning German, here are a few facts that you might not know about the language:

  • German holds official language status in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • German is spoken by over 110 million speakers in Europe and can be heard throughout the continent. German is used widely in the Benelux countries and can be heard in Italy, France, Denmark, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic - to name a few.
  • 32% of Europeans speak German fluently, 24% with German as their native language and 8% with it as a second language.
  • English and German are considered sister languages and belong to the Germanic group of languages. Other members of the language group include Dutch and Flemish.
  • The German language was the language spoken by some of the literary and musical greats-from Mozart to Beethoven, Bach, Goethe and Schiller
  • German is one of the few languages that have three genders for its nouns, namely masculine, feminine and neuter. 
  • Some of the most famous quotes about the German language were made by Mark Twain and these remain some of the most frequently heard quotes to this day.