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Sprachcaffe at a Glance...

Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS runs courses at 30 language schools and has many regional offices situated around the world.  Sprachcaffe has qualified teachers who apply the "conversational principle" while teaching in very pleasant learning environments.

Sprachcaffe - Welcome to our World!

Whether in lively, exciting cities or colourful destinations on the coast, our organisation has been the leader for more than 25 years in providing language training for "young people of all ages". The thousands who have chosen to learn with us have enjoyed much more than just high standard language courses!

We at Sprachcaffe / Languages PLUS firmly believe that a language holiday should offer not only tuition but also immersion in the rhythm and lifestyle of the host country. In this way it is possible to learn the language and at the same time discover local customs and the way of life.

There is no doubt that with Sprachcaffe / Languages PLUS you are choosing one of the best study-abroad programs the language travel industry has to offer!

The Sprachcaffe Schools

In most cases, Sprachcaffe / Languages PLUS only teaches languages in countries in which they are official languages. This makes the country, city and its people important parts of the learning process. You will study in a relaxed way, without fear of making mistakes - in fact it is much like having a discussion in a "caffé linguístico". Hence the name of this organisation, created with the word play of "Sprach", meaning language and communication, and "Caffe", the atmosphere we aim to create at all of our schools around the world.

Our courses broaden your horizons by enabling you to meet students from around the world. The locations of all the schools were selected not only for teaching purposes, but also for their attractive surroundings that are ideal for leisure and cultural activities. As a result, for most languages you can choose between the exciting atmosphere of a large, modern city, and the peace and charm of smaller cities and provincial towns.

Qualified and Professional Sprachcaffe Teachers

At the Sprachcaffe / Languages PLUS schools around the world our teachers are fully qualified and are highly motivated native speakers with experience in communicative language instruction. They are skilled at providing a perfect blend of effective and enthusiastic teaching. Their personality, sense of humor, energy and sensitivity all play important parts in the success of our courses.

Our teachers see their work not only as a job but as a commitment to your personal improvement. Even after the lessons finish, they are often available to give advice and assistance with language difficulties and also to deal with questions concerning local cultural and sporting events.

Teachers may even spend their own free time with our students, and they keep themselves well informed of current affairs. They often read the local newspapers and, because they frequently come from that very area, are often able to share insider tips on local events and attractions with students.

The course material our teachers use is interesting and engaging for all students, and ensures you remain motivated during class. Our teachers have a communicative approach and use realistic guided dialogues, interviews and role plays to help students integrate new vocabulary and grammatical structures into their active use and comprehension of the language. The Sprachcaffe teachers establish a positive and creative atmosphere in their lessons and students often improve in leaps and bounds - sometimes without even realizing.

The Teaching Method at Sprachcaffe

Over the years Sprachcaffe has developed a teaching method which has proven very useful and effective. We transform the stressful learning situation into a spontaneously creative learning experience. This environment enables newly-acquired knowledge to be applied in practical situations with immediate effect.

In order to improve your ability to communicate in the language right from the start, you need a teaching method based on communication.  Conversations are maintained by the students' desire to express themselves spontaneously. The atmosphere we create ensures that students remain motivated - the most important requirement of effective learning. We believe that the key is total language immersion. By adhering to this "conversation principle" rapid progress and long term retention of knowledge is more likely to be achieved. From the very beginning our teachers try to stimulate fluid and lively exchange, so that the language can be applied practically and students learn vocabulary which they could use in real life situations.

"Learn with all your senses" is how Professor Dr. Jürgen Beneke of the University of Hildesheim (Germany) discribes Sprachcaffe's method of teaching.