Language courses for Juniors in Italy

Spend a fantastic time in Italy and improve your Italian.

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Italian language courses in Italy for Juniors

Italy is undoubtedly a country where indulgence is encouraged, so why not delight your senses with its rich tastes, breathtaking sights and undeniable dynamic culture. In a country where diversity is embraced, passion is second nature and adventure is expected, Italy is the ideal destination for an exhilarating summer vacation. Why not choose the best of both worlds and embark on a learning adventure at the same time?

Experience La Dolce Vita

Experience the Italian attitude to life: joie de vivre, good food and lots of fun.

Enjoy Italian food

There is no better place to eat world-famous dishes like pizza and pasta in their country of origin!

Language school in Viareggio

The city is one of Tuscany's gems, a place that will become one of your favourites!

Learn Italian

There is a reason why Italian is among the languages of love: it simply sounds bellissima.

Learn Italian with Sprachcaffe

Sprachcaffe' language trips to Italy have always been very popular with young people who not only want to significantly improve their language level, but who also want to immerse themselves in one of Europe, and the world's, most beautiful cultures. With our language study trip for students, you will experience the culture, way of life, and traditions of Italy first hand, making memories and friendships that you will treasure forever.

Our language school in Italy

Language school in Viareggio

Learn Italian and discover beautiful landscapes

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Why are Italian language courses for students worthwhile?

Italian is one of the most important languages in Europe. Sprachcaffe gives its student the unique chance of learning the language directly in the country where it was born, which makes a big difference when learning a language. Aside from the educational aspect of the trip, the time that you will spend in the Bel Paese will bring you closer to Italy's unmatched culture, create life-long bonds with your fellow students, and allow you to experience the legendary Italian hospitality first-hand. There simply isn't a better way to learn the language and have an amazing experience!

The Italian lessons

Here you can expect professional lessons with a personal touch. The native-speaking teachers impart their knowledge using modern learning methods that are tailored to the individual needs and interests of the students. With a maximum course size of 15 students, we also ensure that each student receives the support they need for their personal learning success.

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