SC Travel Adventures Prices EUR Cuba & Central America 2020

19 Mor e i n f orma t i on can be f ound a t www. sc - t rave l -adventures . Terms and Conditions of Car Hire TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CAR HIRE IN MEXICO • Vehicle: Only the category of the car can be selected, and not the specific make/model, due to the changing on-site availability. The rentals are billed in 24-hour periods. Rental prices include all kilometres driven. • Vehicle equipment: Mobile WIFI can be rented for 15 USD per day (+ tax). Children’s seats can be rented for 150 MXN per day. As there is a limited amount of devices available, we recommend booking in advance. GPS devices are not available to rent. • Pick up/ drop-off: Rental car must be returned with a full tank. If the pick-up and drop-off location differ, a one-way fee will be charged (7 MXN + 16% tax per kilometres) and can be paid in advance through SCI Travel or on-site. • Driver: Driver’s minimum age must be 25 years old, and maximum age is 80 years old. If the driver is younger than 25 years an additional fee of 299 MXN + 16% tax per day has to be a paid. Your national driving license is sufficient and issued at least two years before the date of the car rental. Additional drivers must be registered on-site. No additional costs will be charged for a second driver. For a third driver, there is a fee of 150 MXN per day. • Deposit: A deposit (10,000 MXN for Economy, Mid-size, Full-size and 20,000 MXN for Minivan) must be paid with credit card (AMEX, VISA or MasterCard) upon pick-up. When the car is returned, the deposit will be reimbursed, assuming no damages have occurred. • Insurance: Included in the rent is an insurance that covers personal injury of all persons involved, damages on the vehicle, loss of keys and licence plate.