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Choose between four different destinations that will make your time abroad a unique experience. All our schools have a high academic standard and provide a wide range of subject options as well as extracurricular activities. You can pick New Zealand with its interesting Maori culture and more sheep than inhabitants, or Australia with its Sunshine Coast and indigenous beliefs, or Canada with lots of snow to go skiing. Or you could decide to go to England to have high tea and explore the world of Harry Potter. Life as an international student As an international student you will be attending a local high school in the country of your choice. Once abroad, you will be living with a local homestay which can consist of host parents, a single parent or a large family with several host siblings. After school you will have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities and clubs such as sports, handicrafts and music. For further information browse through our High School brochure! HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMME Prices starting from: Canada USA New Zealand England Australia High School Semester for 5 months 15.885 CAD 9.390 USD 21.403 NZD 9.355 GBP 22.384 AUD High School Year for 10 months 26.985 CAD 9.790 USD 36.703 NZD 11.173 GBP 35.824 AUD Starting dates - - January, April, July, October January, September January, April, July, October Prices starting from: Ireland France Spain Italy Scandinavia High School Semester for 5 months 10.190 EUR 4.890 EUR 7.490 EUR 7.090 EUR 6.890 EUR High School Year for 10 months 11.490 EUR 5.590 EUR 9.690 EUR 7.790 EUR 7.690 EUR Starting dates - - - - - 10