Sprachcaffe Languages Plus EN LC U20 2022

TRAVEL / ACCOMMODATION 7 We understand that a good night’s sleep can play an integral role in promoting effective learning. That is why we do everything possible to ensure your home away from home is comfortable. We provide a range of accommodation options, with something to suit every taste and budget. Whichever option you choose, you’ll feel at home from day one! In rare cases we reserve the right to offer accommodation not identical to that mentioned in this brochure. If needed, a travel card for public transportation might cost between 15 to 35 EUR/USD/GBP/CAD additionally. Homestay By staying with locals, students discover the customs and habits of their destination right from the start, sampling authentic local cuisine and discovering how the locals really live. Learning continues even when lessons have finished. Our friendly hosts are experienced in hosting international students and play an integral part in their learning experience. A few homestays may be located outside of the centre, which means students get to know parts of the destination typically undiscovered by tourists. Joint accommodation: If you’re planning to travel with friends and would like to share your room with someone in particular, please let us know well in advance, so we can take this into consideration when allocating accommodation. We can’t guarantee all requests, but we will do our best! Residence / College At a residence, students usually stay closer to school than they would with a homestay, which means less commuting and more time enjoying their surroundings. They will get to stay with other students from all over the world, allowing them to use their new language skills in an international environment. Teamers also stay at the residence. Our Colleges offer accommodation and classes all at one place. The Club Village in Malta is truly unique. The accommodation is right on campus, alongside the language school, swimming pool, restaurant and sports facilities. Choose from a range of room types, from a twinto a 7-bed-room. Our Teamers also stay in the Club Village. Our breathtaking campus consists of striking limestone buildings, which truly captures the spirit of this Mediterranean paradise. Meals, allergies & dietary needs Each year we welcome thousands of students to our schools and boast almost 40 years of experience in catering with a variety of dietary needs. Our participants always have the opportunity to try something typical of the country. Sampling new food can play a big part in discovering a new country and its culture. Students are provided with breakfast, dinner and either a cookedor packed lunch (which consists of a sandwich, a drink and a dessert/snack). Please let us know of any allergies/ dietary requirements when making your booking, as well as information about any medication you take. This information is given to the Teamers and, if necessary, the homestay (surcharge may apply). YOUR STAY – ACCOMMODATION