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2 The Teaching Methodologies Course is designed for in-service teachers to gain insights and ex- plore in-depth knowledge about the different ways they can teach languages. The course has a wide range of topics from communicative methodologies, emergent language teaching, holistic approaches, teaching techniques, tips and tools to add to the course participants’ teaching toolbox. One unique feature on this course is the teaching practice element, which allows the participants to practice what they learn on the course by implementing it into real face to face classes of language learners. There are also two points on the course where participants get a chance to observe lessons from experienced and dynamic teachers at SPRACHCAFFE in order to gain inspiration and focus on certain teaching approaches and techniques as they do this. Feedback will be provided by the trainer throughout the course. Recommended Texts How to Teach English Jeremy Harmer / Second Language Learning and Language Teaching Cook / Teaching Practice Handbook Gower, Philips, & Walters / About Language Scott Thornbury / Learning and Teaching English Cora Lindsay and Paul Night / Learning Teaching Jim Scrivener / An A to Z of ELT Scott Thornbury / Practical English Usage Michael Swan / Grammar for English Language Teachers Martin Parrot / How to Teach Grammar Scott Thornbury / How to Teach Vocabulary Scott Thornbury Overall Assessment Criteria Trainees will need to pass the assignment by submitting it on the last day of the course, attend the teaching practices and attend at least 80% of the course, including input sessions, peer observations, guided observations, and of course teaching practice, in order to obtain the certificate for this Teaching Methodologies Course. INFORMATION OVERVIEW TEACHING METHODOLOGIES COURSE

Section One – Developing Teaching Practice Teaching practice will consist of 1 slot of 30 minutes with real learners, followed by 2 separate teaching slots of 45 minutes each, also with real learners. 45 minutes of the last input session on the day before their first teaching practice (Day 3 from 13:45-14:30) will be dedicated to guiding the students on this course in their lesson planning and preparation, in order to implement what they learn as they progress. Section Two – Written Assignment Students will be tasked with writing up a daily reflective diary which they must include in their portfolios from the very beginning reflecting on both the theoretical and practical elements, including how these can be implemented into their own teaching practice. Trainees will also be guided on how DEVELOPING TEACHING CAREERS TEACHING METHODOLOGIES / ASSESSMENT to organise their reflections and how to refine their teaching practice, what they have learned from observing teachers and other trainees, and action points to include in subsequent teaching sessions. The portfolio must also include a summary of the trainees’ reflections throughout the course, including action plans for further development of their teaching practice. About the Trainers Our trainers have over 6,000 hours of teaching experience and holds a level 7 qualification in Applied Linguistics & TESOL. The trainers have a dynamic approach to teaching and the input sessions offer a hands-on, interactive, engaging, and practical approach to learning and developing the participants’ teaching practice. UNIQUE, HANDS-ON TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMME 3

Teachers Training Course Information: 2-week programme / 30 lessons per week Location Malta & Frankfurt Málaga Key Components • 9 peer observation lessons with real language learners • 3 assessed teaching practice sessions • 3 guided observations with experienced teachers • 1st week: Theory classes with experienced teachers • 2nd week: Observation with real language learners Total Course Price € 800 € 400 Requirements Teachers in training or with some teaching experience Participants 5 - 7 max. Destination Malta Málaga Frankfurt Languages English Spanish English German Dates in 2024 12th - 23rd February 6th - 17th May 9th - 20th September 4th - 15th November 11th - 22nd March 13th - 24th May 16th - 27th September 18th - 29th November 4th - 15th March 20th - 31st May 7th - 18th October 2nd - 13th December 12th - 23rd February 6th - 17th May 9th - 20th September 4th - 15th November EST. 1983 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW