Tourism vocabulary in Spanish

When traveling in Spanish-speaking countries, knowledge of Spanish tourist vocabulary makes it easier to communicate with locals, tour guides and other travelers. This can improve the quality of your experience and allow you to interact more effectively in everyday situations. Learn the vocabulary you need to know and enjoy your trip to Spanish-speaking countries without worries.

Travel attractions and activities

Travel Activities Translation Travel Activities Translation
Monumento Monument Turismo de aventura Adventure tourism
Museo Museum Buceo Scuba diving
Galería de arte Art gallery Senderismo Hiking
Zona histórica Historic area Safari Safari
Playa Beach Surf Surfing
Parque nacional National park Esnórquel Snorkeling
Plaza Square Pesca Fishing
Edificio histórico Historic building Ciclismo Cycling
Atracción turística Tourist attraction Esquí Skiing
Mirador Viewpoint Visita guiada Guided tour
Catedral Cathedral Compras Shopping
Ruinas Ruins Fotografía Photography
Excursión Excursion Relajación Relaxation
Guía turístico Tour guide Entretenimiento Entertainment
Mapa Map    
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Spanish English
Hotel Hotel
Habitación Room
Reserva Reservation
Recepción Reception
Estancia Stay
Hostal Hostel
Albergue Hostel
Apartamento Apartment
Camping Camping
Cama y desayuno Bed and breakfast
Precio Price
Llave Key
Limpieza Cleaning
Recepcionista Receptionist
Comodidades Amenities


Spanish English
Avión Plane
Aeropuerto Airport
Vuelo Flight
Billete de avión Airplane ticket
Estación de tren Train station
Tren Train
Autobús Bus
Terminal de autobuses Bus terminal
Barco Ship
Puerto Port
Coche de alquiler Rental car
Estación de metro Subway station
Bicicleta Bicycle
Taxi Taxi
Conductor Driver

Travel to Spanish-speaking countries and communicate with native speakers

Learning Spanish tourism vocabulary allows you to explore the culture, history and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries in a deeper way. In addition, with good Spanish tourism vocabulary, you can plan and enjoy your travels independently, without constantly relying on tour guides or translation apps. To learn Spanish tourism vocabulary more easily, we recommend that you participate in conversation classes and look for opportunities to practice with native Spanish speakers. If you have any questions or need more examples, feel free to contact us or visit our Spanish courses.

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