Our Apartment Accommodation

Overview Apartment
  • Single apartments in almost every location
  • Live with other course participants
  • Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom
  • Single and double rooms without food arrangements

As a leading language tour organiser in Europe, Sprachcaffe offers apartments that are shared with other interested language learners from all around the world. This shared living arrangement supports communication in a foreign language outside of the language courses. In addition, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend your leisure time with the other students.

Each apartment comes equipped with a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, as well as furniture fitting the style of the host country. During your stay, you will have complete independence. Within the immediate vicinity of your accommodation, you’ll find several small restaurants, which are good alternatives for those who don’t want to cook every meal.

In every apartment, you have the option of choosing between a double or single room. If you decide to book a double room, we will do our best to pair you with a suitable roommate. Bed linen will be provided for your convenience. Please bring your own towels. In some course locations we distinguish between standard and comfort apartments. This depends on the apartment's location, facilities and dry cleaning services. 

Standard Apartment

Standard Apartments are clean and nicely decorated. They are perfect for an independent traveller who is on a tight budget. The furniture is functional; the kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped. Occasionally, the apartments are in the direct vicinity of the language school or nearby the campus. At certain locations, breakfast, half-board or full-board can be booked.

Comfort Apartment

Comfort Apartments offer a higher standard of living in regards to location, size, furnishings and equipment. A cleaning service, which operates at least once a week, is included in the price. At certain locations, breakfast, half-board or full-board can be booked.