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Italian Course in Calabria for Adults

Italian courses in Calabria
  • Idyllic location in the natural paradise of Calabria
  • Numerous water sports opportunities
  • Rugged cliffs and a clear sea
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On the southernmost tip of Italy lies the truly idyllic natural paradise of Calabria. The area is surrounded by clear blue seas, rugged cliffs and breathtaking architecture that will captivate every visitor. In addition to the region’s incredible beauty; the rich history and endearing culture make for the most ideal destination to learn Italian.

The fascinating city of Calabria is one of Italy’s hidden gems and has been discovered as a tourist’s paradise in recent years. The area offers a first-hand view of authentic Italian culture while overflowing with a charming history and a wonderfully friendly community.

Alicia loved her 3 months in Sprachcaffe Calabria. She loved the sea views and magnificent teachers, and she learned a lot.


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Judith loved the beautiful garden, outdoor classes, morning cappuccinos and fresh fruit! The teachers were really good, and the beautiful surround area with scenic towns and stunning sea views.

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Anna had an amazing summer adventure in Calabria. She loved the teachers and local people. She found that she made good progress in just a few weeks. 


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Our Italian Courses in Calabria

The Sprachcaffe Languages Plus School in Calabria offers a wide variety of Italian courses to suit every student’s needs. Whether students want to brush up on their Italian skills or want to learn the very basics of the language, we have a course just for them.

With our picturesque location, creative teaching methods and brilliant Italian teachers, an Italian course in Calbria will not only be an investment into your future, but will be a foundation for a truly unforgettable language and travel experience.

Students can decide on the intensity of their Italian course, the duration of their stay and the accommodation type they prefer. While enjoying a life-changing language course every student will be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of incredible things to see and do in Calabria.

Why take an Italian Course in Calabria

Calabria is a destination that has it all, from luscious landscapes to historic wonder and a unique cultural identity. With a number of elements contributing to an unforgettable experience, Calabria is the ideal place to learn Italian. Explore the wonders of the region while absorbing every nuance of the culture and acquiring language skills almost effortlessly.

Discover Italy!

Study in three destinations: Rome, Florence and Calabria!