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Sprachcaffe: A Worldwide Organization of Language Schools!

For 40 years, people from all over the world with a passion for languages have been travelling with Sprachcaffe to exotic countries, immersing themselves in foreign cultures and learning one of seven exciting languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, or Arabic. With our range of 30 international language schools in carefully selected destinations - from cosmopolitan cities brimming with life to scenic seaside resorts - you are sure to find the one that is right for you and your learning needs.

The quality of Sprachcaffe has been tested and confirmed by:

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Business Language Courses

Language trainings for companies, skilled professionals and management

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Language certificates »
We prepare you for official language tests such as the TOEFL or the DELE.

Family language trips »
Are you planning a summer holiday with your children? Why not learn a new language all together?

Group and school trips »
Learn a language together with your group and experience unforgettable moments!

Long-term courses »
A language trip for 3 months, 6 months or any other period of your choice.

All Sprachcaffe destinations

Your advantages with Sprachcaffe

😀 Excellent service and on-site support
Sprachcaffe is ready to support you at all times, before, during, and after your language trip! We are always available to solve any doubts you might have about the trip you are about to take, and are present in-loco to help you live the best experience possible!

🧐 Decades of experience
Sprachcaffe has been one of the leading language travel companies for language enthusiasts of all ages for almost 40 years. Our more than 55,000 yearly language students attest to the high quality of our language courses in lively and exotic destinations!

🤝🏼 Certified language schools
The quality of Sprachcaffe's 30 language schools around the world is regularly checked and recognised by local and international institutions.

🤠 A new adventure every day
Immerse yourself in the culture and the people of your preferred country, grow and make memories with fellow international students, and have an unforgettable time with Sprachcaffe!

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏼 Meet international friends
Although your native languages might be different, you and the other students in your group will start chatting in no time! The daily language classes, as well as Sprachcaffe's exciting extra activities, will create a tight group of international friends. Online courses are also a great space to practice your language skills and make new friends.

🤩 We tailor to your specific needs
We always aim to have a diverse and varied range of offers. Whether you want to travel for a few days or spend several months abroad - Sprachcaffe has something for everyone!

Sprachcaffe's legendary language trips

1 organization. 7 languages. 30 top destinations. Countless memories.

Just a couple days after your arrival you will notice your confidence building up and your language skills getting more and more advanced.
This is because Sprachcaffe puts a lot of importance on total cultural immersion, which we believe is the key to organic and structured learning.
Our language courses are also specially adapted to your needs, which ensures rapid learning success. After class you will have time to explore the culture of the country and take part in leisure activities, which help you practice what you have learned and make memories with your new international friends.

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Our most popular language courses

Language courses Canada

Language learning between exciting cities and enchanting nature

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Services included in your language trip with Sprachcaffe

Language course
Great experiences

Arrival support

Exciting leisure program
Placement test

Sprachcaffe certificate
Supervision and support

Our all-inclusive package aims to make your experience stress-free so you can focus on language learning and having fun!
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Learn more about the Sprachcaffe experience

Learn English in a beautiful and cosmopolitan environment and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. Experience the perfect blend of learning and relaxation at our English language school in Malta.

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What do our students think about their language trip experience?

Maren (Germany) reports on Malta

"It was amazing and the weather was fantastic! Even though I used to hate English at school, the lessons at Sprachcaffe were fun. Ultimately, it was an incredible holiday!"

Elisabeth (Germany) reports on Morocco

"I really enjoyed my stay at Sprachcaffe Rabat. The atmosphere is really pleasant and friendly. The teachers are patient and have good methods of teaching the language."

Alberto (Spain) reports on Calgary

"My friend recommended it to me and I would recommend GEOS Calgary to everyone thinking about improving their English. It's a great experience and I'm sure you will enjoy it!"

Listen to what our student Benedetta from Italy has to say about her experience at Sprachcaffe

Read more language travel stories in our testimonials page »

Questions and answers about our language courses

Language trips are the best way to learn a language and explore new countries. You will attend a language course taught by native speakers with other international participants in a relaxed environment. By using the language even after the lessons, you will better internalize what you have learned and make rapid and solid progress. You will not only develop a feeling for the language, but also for the people and the culture of the country you will spend your vacation in.

With Sprachcaffe's diverse offer, there's truly something for everyone! Discover our offer »

A language trip can be an important step for your future - like your education or career. In today's world, it is very important to speak more than just your native language, with English being one of the most useful ones. Your personal development can also be positively influenced by being exposed to a new culture and being able to communicate with the locals in their own language. Especially for children and teenagers, language trips are a great way to promote independence, build self-confidence, and become friends with fellow international students.

This depends on your learning style and the goals you are pursuing with the language course. Our offer includes standard, intensive, and individual language courses. On the following page you will find a detailed overview of all course types, intensities, and language levels. Learn more »

Language trips for adults are suitable for participants aged 18 and older (exceptions can be made for 16 year olds). For teenagers aged 12 to 17 we offer supervised language trips for students tailored to the needs and hobbies of young people!

There is no general answer for this question since price depends on location, length of the study experience, accommodation type, and your personal needs. Click here to compare prices »

Students are supervised by our well-trained team members from the very beginning!

If you are traveling by plane, you will be met at your destination airport by a friendly Sprachcaffe Teamer who will be waiting for you at the exit with a Sprachcaffe sign. From the airport you will go directly to your booked accommodation or to the agreed meeting point with your host family.

Your questions - our answers! We have summarized everything you need to know about your language travel in our Language Travel FAQ »

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