English Courses in New York

English courses in New York
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New York is the beating heart of America, with skyscrapers, thousands of honking yellow cabs and more than seven million inhabitants. In the land of opportunity, New York is the superstar. Also known as “the city that never sleeps”, you can find exciting things taking place at all hours of the day and night in New York; there is always something new to see or do, even for locals.

Whether you are interested in seeing classics such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island, or the countless famous districts from Chinatown and Little Italy to Soho, all of these highlights can be discovered in the Big Apple, set against a cultural backdrop of famous art galleries and theaters. There's room for respite too, though; you can always find a tranquil spot in Central Park to escape the whirlwind atmosphere of the city

In an environment like New York, learning English becomes almost effortles; it is impossible to limit the learning process to the classroom. In fact, it surrounds you as you talk to fellow students and locals, in restaurants and in museums. Practising your English outside of class helps to further increase your confidence with the language, and can help consolidate the knowledge you have picked up in lessons.

Not only does our English school in New York offer an excellent location, but also first-class education. You can choose the intensity of your English course: select a standard or intensive course depending on which best suits your goals and preferences. But whichever option you choose, prepare to be mesmerized by the Big Apple! 

Once you have chosen your course, you can register for adult courses here and courses for young people here. Or, contact us for any queries you have about the course.

Why take one of our English language courses in New York?

Study abroad programs in New York are fantastic opportunities: you can learn English from native speaking teachers in one of the most fascinating and exciting cities in the world; you can find everything the world has to offer here, and the glittering city is bound to captivate even the most worldly of visitors with the help of Broadway, the vast array of upmarket shops, and the breathtaking architecture. An English language course in New York is an investment in your future, and taking one would give you the opportunity to visit unique places, gain useful experiences and make new friends for life.