Elective Courses

An elective course is a course that can be taken as an addition to one of our English courses (standard, intensive...). You have your normal English lesson in the morning and you then attend your chosen elective course. We offer only one type of course per week; you cannot attend different elective courses in the same week.

Note that this is a group course, meaning you will be taking each lesson with other people learning English. We do not allow more than 14 participants on one elective course at a time.

Want to improve your English for professional purposes?

Sprachcaffe gives you the chance to attend specific courses that will help you out with English in professional contexts! With our elective courses, you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in certain topics while improving your language skills. There are a wide variety of courses to choose from:

Elective Courses - 4 specialized courses

Course Topic Starting dates Lessons/week*
Job applications & interviews
1st Monday of each month 10
Sales & marketing
2nd Monday of each month 10
Business negotiations
3rd Monday of each month 10
Rhetoric & presentations
4th Monday of each month 10
* 1 lesson = 45 minutes. Each course consists of 2 lessons per day.

Where can you attend our elective courses?

We offer elective courses in all of our destinations where English is taught. This means you can improve your English in one of these 4 countries:


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