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Learn the beautiful French language and enjoy delicious French cuisine.

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French Courses in France for Juniors

Learning French is a big challenge for many students. Not only writing vocabulary, but also the correct pronunciation is important for fluent communication. A language study trip to France gives you the opportunity to integrate the French language into your everyday life and make great progress quickly. Through the combination of holidays and language lessons, you will also speak French in your free time and thus further internalise the language.

With a language trip to France, you will not only learn the French language, but also get to know a great country better. Discover the customs and peculiarities of the French people, their colourful festivals and the distinctive French cuisine. France offers you excitement and relaxation at the same time. See for yourself and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

French Courses in Nice - The luxury of Nice will allow you to enjoy a summer vacation in a true coastal paradise, while you learn French and enjoy a relaxed café culture! Indulge in the artistic heritage of the region and relax in the lap of luxury along the exquisite beaches.

From the beauty of the city of lights and love to the inviting coastal city of Nice - France is a country that has it all. Indulge in the delightful café culture or enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine in any of the exclusive French restaurants. Learn every nuance of this eloquent language while you embrace France's mild climate, awe-inspiring architectural beauty and rich artistic heritage.

Allow the beauty of France to captivate you while the beautiful French language enthrals you. Embrace the language, culture and history of this fantastic country. As a young adult the world is your oyster, so make a decision that will play a vital role in your future, and choose to learn French at one of our amazing schools in this breathtaking country.

Questions and answers about France

The days of learning a language from the pages of a textbook are over. With Sprachcaffe, we aim to share the language naturally while you absorb every nuance spontaneously. Surround yourself with the language, the culture and the beauty of the birthplace of the French language. The key to your future can be found in your awesome French skills, so what are you waiting for? Choose to learn French in France today.

Savoir vivre - understand how to live. This is a popular motto of life in France, which means to enjoy life. This explains the serenity and openness of the French. Good manners are also considered very important in France. They love their language, which is why French is often the only language they speak. France is the land of revolutions and is constantly dynamic. You will rarely find discrimination here and women are very emancipated. Most French people are very sociable and prefer to spend their time with others. Therefore, meeting friends or colleagues is often integrated into the daily schedule.

In the global metropolis of Paris, all doors are open to you - whether you want to visit the Eiffel Tower, marvel at the art in the Louvre or shop on the Champs-Élysées. But other parts of France also have a lot to offer. On the south coast, you can explore all the beaches or be enchanted by the fascinating harbours and colourful cities. Even if you don't have anything extraordinary planned for the day, it doesn't matter. In their free time, French people like to meet friends for dinner, go to the cinema or just relax at home.

Baguettes, cheese, croissants or crêpes - specialities from France are also very popular in Germany. Sweet dishes such as éclaires or macarons can often be found at our bakeries. A rather unusual speciality for us is escargots - translated: snails! It's certainly not to everyone's taste, but it's at least worth trying. Ratatouille or coq au vin (coco au vin) are not only films, but also French dishes. Of course, the cuisine differs from region to region.

Kiss left, kiss right - that's how your French friends will often greet you - it's the French custom. The French are usually not too particular about punctuality; they often let you wait for 10-20 minutes without it seeming rude. Be careful at pedestrian crossings: Cars will only stop here if you give a hand signal (but it's better to be overcautious).

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