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Business Spanish Courses in Spain

With one of our business language programs in Spain you could combine an unforgettable holiday with a very useful and effective Spanish course for professionals. Of course, Spain is the preeminent location at which to learn Spanish because it is the origin of the language and it is also relatively easy to reach from many European countries. Sprachcaffe has many years of experience in the organization of language courses in Spain.

Firstly, you should decide upon your goal; we then determine your language level - then you're ready to get started with one of our business Spanish courses in Spain! While individual lessons enable a personal tutor to focus entirely on your own requirements, group courses, on the other hand, emphasize interaction and speaking freely, as is necessary in meetings and for presentations. Of course, you could also combine both of these course types!

We offer business Spanish courses in:

Language School in Madrid

Learn Spanish in the capital of Spain

Pursue your professional goals with a business language course in the cosmopolitan capital city of Madrid, in the Andalusian cultural center of Malaga, or in the international coastal city of Barcelona.

You will discover that during such a language course in Spain, learning becomes almost effortless! You should also use the opportunity to go on excursions to surrounding towns and regions, and learn about Spain's features and attractions.

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