Chi Bum卡加利學習經驗分享

我選擇到Sprachcaffe-Geos卡加利學校是因為他們上課時間很彈性. 由於我平常早上很忙碌, 所以我無法早上上課. 除了Sprachcaffe-Geos學校之外, 其他的語言學校沒有下午課的選擇. 我學習英文是因為我想之後在加拿大繼續以物理治療師的身分工作. 對我來說, 英語寫作是一項大挑戰, 雖然我也不知道我進不了多少, 但是我對我自己有信心, 所以也持續努力. 我也建議其他學生: 找到最適合你的學習的方式,不要浪費時間, 盡你最大的力量!

Chi Bum - 韓國

I chose GEOS Languages Plus Calgary because of their flexible schedule.  I cannot take morning classes because I am busy.  Other schools would not let me take only afternoon classes, except for GEOS Calgary.  I am studying English so I can continue my career as a physiotherapist in Canada.  For me, writing is the biggest challenge and I am not sure how much I have improved.  So, I just believe in myself and keep going.  This is my advice to other students: find your way to study, don’t waste time, and do your best.

Chi Bum (Korea)