我學英文是因為以後想去讀國際商業科系. 如果以後想要有好的工作及事業有成的話, 英文是非常重要的! 我爸推薦及鼓勵我到Sprachcaffe-GEOS增進英文能力. 我對GEOS的印象非常的好, 因為我到的第一天,大家就對我非常好和友善.

學習語法對我來說是一種挑戰, 我也認為語法非常重要. 藉由不斷的練習和問問題,我已經克服了文法問題. 我現在感到更有自信,而且我想我的英文不斷地進步!

Daniela - 哥倫比亞

I am studying English because I want to study international business.  If I want to be successful and get a good job I have to know English pretty well My dad told me about GEOS and he encouraged me to come here.  My first impression of GEOS was very accurate because I thought on my first day that the people here were really nice and friendly, and I found this to be very true as I got to know them better. 

Learning grammar has been a challenge for me and I think it’s very important.  I have been overcoming this problem by practising and asking questions.  Nowadays, I am feeling better and think that I am improving my English skills.  

Daniela - Colombia