Business English Courses in Malta

With one of our business language courses in an English-speaking country such as Malta, you could combine an unforgettable holiday with a very useful and effective English course for professionals. A former British colony, Malta is an ideal place in which to learn English, because this is the first state and cultural language of this small island state. Sprachcaffe has offered English courses in Malta for many years.

As a result of its location in the Mediterranean, the island offers beautiful beaches, a Mediterranean climate and a real feeling of vacation. Only here can you meet people who have an Italian temperament, a Spanish attitude towards life, and who talk to each other in excellent English. A business English course on Malta is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Our Business language courses in Malta

Come to our language school in St. Julian's and see for yourself how learning becomes almost effortless in such an environment!

Firstly, you should decide upon your goal; we then determine your language level - and then you can get on with a language course in Malta! Individual lessons enable a personal tutor to concentrate fully upon your own requirements. Group courses, on the other hand, emphasize interaction and speaking freely, as is necessary in meetings and for presentations. Of course, you could also combine both of these course types.

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