Spanish Courses for Adults- Connecting Activities in Mexico

Our salsa courses in Mexico
  • Passionate rhythms and feisty movements
  • 10 lessons, each of 45 minutes, per week
  • Personal dance partner

Salsa Courses

If you want to make the most of your time in the Caribbean and wouldn't mind being a bit active, then why not get your hips moving! Discover the world of exciting Latin American rhythms and movements during a salsa course and experience Mexico with all your senses. In order to truly understand the Mexican mentality and the Caribbean zest for life, you have to have danced salsa at least once!

Salsa is a mixture of different Caribbean music styles and rhythms and it also embodies the attitude towards life of an entire generation of young Latinos. Visit our dancing school and dive into the world of passionate Latin American rhythms! Later on, we'll visit the "Bodeguita del Medio" together, where you could take to the floor with live music playing and would be able to experience firsthand the Caribbean flair.

A professional dance teacher will help you progress on the dance floor and they could give beginners, advanced dancers and even salsa experts assistance and new ideas. Of course, you would also get a personal Mexican dance partner to dance with.

Price per week: 125 USD

What's included in the price:

  • 2 dance lessons per day (10 lessons, each of 45 minutes, per week)
  • Starts: every Monday
  • Personal dance partner
  • Professional dance advice
  • Certificate of participation upon completion of the course