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Sprachcaffe has been a leader in the language industry for over 30 years and our story began with our Italian courses in Italy. Since we established our first Italian school in Italy we have expanded to almost every corner of the globe and now offer courses in 7 different languages. While our network of language schools has grown exponentially, our Italian school in Florence is still one of the oldest and most well-regarded in the world.

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While our schools in Italy hold a certain sentimental charm they also offer Italian language courses specially designed to equip professionals with the Italian skills they need. With over 63 million speakers and a strong presence in the global economy, learning Italian has never been more beneficial. Italy has one of the top 10 economies in the world and is making waves in a variety of industries. From engineering to manufacturing and tourism as well as an incredible wine-making arena that accounts for a huge portion of the world's imported wines - Italy has it all. With an ever growing importance in the international markets it is obvious that learning Italian will not only prove personally enriching but it will offer you a whole new world of opportunity and incredible corporate success no matter what professional field your career falls under. With so many reasons to learn the language why not choose to learn Italian today, and where better to learn the language than in its country of origin? Combine an unforgettable vacation in Italy with a language course that holds the key to corporate success. Discover the wonders of the country as you absorb the language and dive into the world of professional communication. Whether you need to perfect your standard language skills or you need to brush up on your technical terms, with Sprachcaffe you will have ample opportunity to reach your language goals in a laid back environment. Our talented language team will help you determine your goals while we design a course that will have you reaching new linguistic heights in no time.

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