Italian Exam Preparation

C.I.L.S. Exam
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written skills
  • Listening comprehension
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Oral communication skills

Our C.I.L.S. exam preparation course is a semi-intensive course which focuses on preparing for an exam. The CILS qualification certifies the level of proficiency in Italian as a foreign language, and is recognized worldwide by numerous educational institutions and companies. The Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera is aimed at learners who require a certificate which recognizes their level of Italian competency for their studies or work etc.

The official Certificato di Italiano come Lingua Straniera examination for the upper-intermediate level of Italian consists of a written and an oral exam. It is approved by the Italian government and enables foreign students to study at an Italian university.

The CILS exam is composed of several parts which assess particular skills in the use of the Italian language. Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written and oral communication skills, grammar and vocabulary are particularly focused upon. The examination fee and the costs of lesson materials are not included in the course price.

The Italian exam preparation courses at our language schools:

You can prepare for the C.I.L.S. exam at the following Sprachcaffe language schools:

*Please note: The above mentioned dates are the prospective examination dates. These courses are offered subject to availability. Exam fee not included.

**20 lessons Standard Course + 5 lessons of Exam Preparation per week.