Kim's Testimonial for Sprachcaffe Malaga

My name is Ga Young Kim and I study in Sprachcaffe Malaga Plus. I have been studying Spanish for 3 months and I will be learning for 7 more months. I think Malaga Plus has teachers with more than 20 years of experience and that helps them to teach Spanish properly to foreign students. In summer, there are more students in the school than in winter, which is more relaxing.

Classes have a family feel and teachers know how to adapt to the students’ levels and the most important difference with other schools is that we use books for each level. We follow the book in our lessons but conversation is also very important in our learning.

Although there are people who think you cannot learn Spanish in Malaga, that is not right. In the school, teachers have a very good method and Andalusian dialect does not have any effect on that. Malaga is not a very big city and people are really kind and really welcoming. Also, the weather is fantastic.

For all these reasons I truly recommend Malaga Plus. And it never rains!

Kim Gayoung

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