Our language school in France

Enjoy the delicious French cuisine and learn French at the same time.

For adults | For juniors

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Many people choose to take our French courses in France for the obvious reason that this is the birthplace of the so-called "language of love". What better way to learn than by being surrounded by the sounds of this eloquent language on a daily basis. In addition to the French language, France offers a rich artistic and cultural heritage, a mild climate, buzzing and lively cities, and some beautiful natural landscape.

During your French course in France you will have the chance to experience the world renowned flavours of authentic French cuisine; see some of the world's most famous landmarks and works of art; admire some wonderfully unique architecture and 'parler' with native French speakers

Bienvenue en France!

The land of fashion, art and fine dining

Explore the City of Light

Immerse yourself in France's unique artistic and cultural heritage

Learn French in France

Many say French is the most beautiful language in the world. We can only agree!

French cuisine

You'll love your language study trip to France: French cuisine has much more to offer than baguettes and crossaints.

Language courses for juniors in France

For juniors aged 14 and over with all-round support.

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Why study French in France?

Whether you are learning French from scratch or wish to build on the knowledge you already have, our French courses in France will have you chatting away in no time. During your lessons we will help you with any anxieties you have and equip with all the language skills you need to go out and explore your new surrounding. Don't just leave what you learn at the door - go out and ask for directions to the Louvre Museum, order some delicious food, rent a bike to cycle around the countryside or lie on the beach subliminally soaking up the languid sounds of the French language around you. Come back to class the next day and discuss any problems you had, then go off and do it all over again. By choosing to go on our French courses in France you will be killing two birds with one stone - learning a useful, new skill and having an exciting, yet relaxing, culturally-immersing holiday at the same time.

Why take a French course with Sprachcaffe?

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the place where it is officially spoken. Surrounding yourself with it will allow you to learn quickly and effectively. France, the birthplace of French, is an incredible country with so much to offer. Our French courses in France offer you the opportunity to explore Nice, from where you can discover all that the country has to offer. France has an unrivalled culture, a rich history full of important events and an endless list of interesting places not to be missed.

Nice, in particular, is known for its azure blue waters on the French Riviera. In addition, French gastronomy and the charming atmosphere of its cities are irresistible reasons to visit this country. With a French course in Nice from Sprachcaffe, you can not only enjoy an amazing holiday but also improve your language skills and thus your job opportunities.

Variety of courses

We have a wide variety of courses where you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Qualified teachers

Our teachers are native French speakers and are highly qualified in teaching.

Prime location

The school is located in the heart of the city, just 10 minutes from the beach, where you can relax.

Language certificates

After your course in France you will receive a French certificate from Sprachcaffe.

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