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Questions and answers about Sprachcaffe's language courses

Language trips for adults are suitable for participants from the age of 18 and in exceptional cases from the age of 16. For teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17, we offer supervised language trips for students, which are tailored to the needs of young people.
  • Arrival is usually on Sunday and departure on Saturday. For more details, please refer to the page of the destination of your choice or our catalog.
  • Outstanding payments are due 3 weeks before the start of the course. Please refer to our terms and conditions for cancellation fees for cancellations after this date.
  • There are no registration deadlines, but we recommend that you register 3 months before the start of your language course.
After we receive your booking we will send you a confirmation and the payment invoice via email (within 3 days). We usually send you our travel information with the booking confirmation.
After paying for the trip in full, and around 1-2 weeks before departure, we will send you the travel voucher via email. This includes the address of the accommodation as well as your e-ticket for the flight if this was booked with us.
We organize the arrival and departure by plane. However, you are also free to organize your own arrival and departure. Please select the option 'own travel' in the store or registration form.
We strongly recommend a good medical coverage. You can either obtain your own health insurance or purchase one at the school on arrival.
If you have booked the flight through us, one piece of checked baggage is always included. The maximum weight varies depending on the airline but is usually between 20 and 23 kg. You are also allowed to take one piece of hand luggage. You can find out the exact regulations on the page of the respective airline.

Language lessons

This depends on your learning style and the goals you wish to reach. Our language courses are divided in standard, intensive and individual language courses. Here you can find a detailed overview of all course types, intensities and language levels that we offer.
Yes of course! You can join a language course even if you are an absolute beginner. Individual classes are grouped by language level, so participants who are at a similar level are together in one class. You will reach a level of proficiency that will allow you to communicate in basic everyday situations after just two weeks!
Yes. Participants of our language trips take a placement test on the first day of the course or online before the start. This is done so that we can place each student in the course that suits their level and their needs. Absolute beginners do not need to take a test.

All students are divided into groups of equal ability according to their own placement test. The levels range from beginners with no previous knowledge of the language, to participants with basic and intermediate language skills, to advanced participants.

The language courses consist of 8 to 15 participants. Depending on the language school and the language course, the mini group courses have an average of 6 participants. Not only the course location influences the number of participants, but also the season. In summer, the groups are usually somewhat larger. Individual lessons with one or two participants are also offered.
Our teachers are mostly native speakers with years of teaching and language experience.
Upon completion of a language course each student receives a certificate of participation. Long term courses can also lead on to international examinations.

How does Sprachcaffe's teaching method differ when learning a foreign language? Sprachcaffe uses a dynamic and interactive teaching method that goes far beyond conventional language teaching. Our approaches include real-life scenarios, group activities and a focus on face-to-face interactions, making learning a foreign language a vivid and enriching experience. Our approach emphasizes the deliberate use of technology to foster real human connections and develop a comprehensive understanding of language. Discover more about our teaching methods and how they can transform your learning on our language learning methodology page.

Free time & additional courses

Yes, the school offers at least 4 free activities per week. We also offer an Intensive Leisure Fun Pack which includes 4 extra activities. Some schools offer on-site booking.

The Juniors/U20 student program includes leisure activities. In the adult, 35+ and educational courses, leisure activities can be booked on site depending on your interests. Our friendly staff will also be happy to provide information about places worth seeing and events.
Your leisure time will depend on your personal preferences, but each of our course locations offers a variety of activities. Our friendly local staff will be happy to help you choose some activities that you might enjoy given your interests. Each destination has its own special highlights. On the page of each destination you will find more information about activities and the leisure program we offer on site.

Optional leisure courses

With Sprachcaffe you have the opportunity to combine your language course with special additional courses and fill your free time with exciting activities. Of course, you are welcome to join these courses even if you do not book a language course.

Through additional activities and courses you will get to know your host country and the culture of its inhabitants even better. In addition, it is often the leisure activities that make a trip truly unforgettable. Take the opportunity to gain new cultural and social experiences and make some amazing memories!
Yes we made sure of that! Classes finish at 3 p.m. at the latest, which is when the extra leisure activities start! In the summer, classes can also be held in the afternoon, in which case we organize the recreational program in the morning.

Accommodation & Catering

We offer a range of accommodation options: school-owned residences and club facilities, apartments, hotels, studios or host families. The buildings are usually located near the language school, in some locations even directly on school grounds.

Please note that the location, size and facilities of the accommodation vary depending on the course location.
The language course can of course also be booked without accommodation or travel. The accommodations can also be booked without a course depending on the workload, here especially in the low season. Please note that we do not arrange train or air travel without booking a language course.
You will usually stay with your host family in the morning for breakfast and return for dinner. During the day, you will be out and about with your classmates and our Teamers.
It depends on the problem. In most cases, the problems are misunderstandings due to the foreign language. If it is not possible to sort out the problem, a change is of course possible. For logistical reasons the change is usually possible on the following day at the earliest, unless there is a urgent reason to change.
In some cities, the accommodation is close to the school, so you can SIMPLY walk there. If your accommodation is further away, you can use public transport. Your hosts or the supervisors will be happy to explain the way.
In some accommodations a safe is available for the students. You will find this and other useful information in your travel documents 4 weeks before your trip.
If you are staying with a host family, you can simply ask them. Our residences and colleges often have laundry facilities available for students. In other cases, just ask our hosts or Teamers for the nearest laundromat.
At all our course locations you will receive breakfast and dinner as well as either a packed lunch (sandwich, drink, fruit, and something sweet) or a hot lunch. The meals are always typical for the country.

Please note that it is not all-inclusive. Usually only tap water is served with the meal. Drinks outside of meals are at your own expense.
We ask you to let us know at the time of booking if you have an allergy or would like vegetarian meals. Especially in case of allergies we ask for detailed information. Please also let us know if you need to take medication on a regular basis, so that we can inform the team and your hosts about it. In exceptional cases we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for special diets.

Questions about booking

You can book online, via the registration form in the catalog or by calling our office in Frankfurt (069 6109120). We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer, which you can simply confirm by e-mail.
Here you can find all the payment methods are available in our online store. Please note that the payment methods refer to the German online store.


PayPal is a simple, fast and secure online payment option. Your data is only stored at PayPal and you do not have to re-enter it for each purchase. Please note that you need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal. The advantage when paying with PayPal is that the payment is made immediately and you benefit from the buyer protection they offer.

Direct debit

Another payment option is direct debit. In contrast to a bank transfer, the payment process is not initiated by the customer but by the payee. This means that you have to take care of (almost) nothing. With the direct debit authorisation, we take care of all the necessary steps of the payment process.


Of course, you can also pay for your language study trip at Sprachcaffe on account. We will send you an invoice for the booked services, which you must pay approx. 4 weeks before the start of the trip. If your trip begins less than 4 weeks later, the full amount must be paid immediately. You will receive the invoice by e-mail, but we will also be happy to send it to you by post on request.

Credit card

At Sprachcaffe, you can also pay by credit card. The data transfer in our online shop always takes place via secure SSL encryption. Important: when paying by credit card, your account will only be debited after you have received a written invoice from us.
Note: At our language school in Frankfurt you also have the option of paying for your language study trip in cash.

You can find our General Terms and Conditions here.

If you have any questions about the different payment options, simply contact us.

Specific questions about Juniors/U20 language trips

Our hosts are a colorful mix. Some host families have children, others are single, with others have adult children that have already moved out. if you would like to have host siblings please specify it in your booking. We will do our best to fulfill your wishes.
Within the U20 program, all participants, regardless of age, are prohibited from purchasing or consuming alcohol. Consumption or possession of drugs is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate departure at the participant's expense.Smoking is not permitted for all participants under the age of 18. For all others, smoking is strictly prohibited in the accommodations and classrooms, etc. and within the student program.
We recommend an allowance of 150 - 200 euros per week.
Students are very well taken care of by experienced Sprachcaffe members.

Students traveling by plane will be met at the destination airport by a friendly Sprachcaffe staff member who will be waiting for them at the exit, holding up the Sprachcaffe logo. From the airport, the student will go directly to the booked accommodation or to the agreed meeting point with the host family.

During the entire language stay, our course instructors will supervise the students at the course location.
Participation in the activities is usually mandatory. In some destinations we offer additional activities that are not mandatory.

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