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Language courses for your company

For the sustainable education of your employees

In the age of globalisation and international business relations, multilingual communication is gaining in importance worldwide. Internationally active companies need competent employees who can communicate effortlessly in several languages on the business floor and represent your company professionally. Our goal is to prepare your employees for the international business world with our individually tailored concept. A foreign language course is the most effective method of internalising a language in the long term. Learning topics such as grammar, conversation or writing in the morning and communicating with native speakers and international participants in the afternoon enable your employees to perfect their language skills within a very short time.


A joint language course is the perfect way to strengthen the team spirit of your employees outside the usual working atmosphere!

Communication promotion

Our varied teaching methods, in which speaking plays an important role, improve communication skills enormously.

Individual learning programme

If you would like to book a language course for several employees, we can create an individual learning programme for you on request.

Business English

With us, your employees will learn industry-specific Business English in order to have a professional conversation. Also available for other languages!

In order to guarantee the success you desire, we will be happy to advise you on our offers. In this way, we will find a method that is perfectly suited to your company in order to train your employees in the best possible way. Together with you, we develop a needs analysis, concept, training programme, schedule and training controlling. Our unique philosophy of entertaining communication combined with consistent training guarantees lasting success. This way, your employees get exactly the language training they need.

Our offer for you or your employees


The combination of an individually selected language course and the possibility of being able to use the language learnt in conversations after the course means that progress is made at a high speed. We have a suitable course offer for every language level - regardless of whether a language is being learned from scratch or it is a question of perfecting language skills. A good choice would be our intensive course, which is offered in many destinations. In a short time, learning success is ensured by our goal-oriented method.

Private lessons

For a completely individual programme for your employees, we offer one-to-one lessons. This way, the lesson content and times can be adapted according to your ideas. As the focus is on just one person, the teacher can concentrate fully on their individual needs and any problem areas.

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A course for your employees in Germany more to your liking? Here you can find all the information about our language courses for companies.

Online language courses

Your employees have the opportunity to take part in our online language course. From home, they will learn the language together with real people in individual or group lessons. This makes the language lessons communicative and varied. The course content can, of course, be individually adapted to your wishes. For an even more intensive learning experience, our online language course is also well-suited as an educational leave, during which you will participate in the course for 30-40 hours per week.

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Specialisation with electives

Special language skills on selected topics are often required. To prepare your employees for real-life situations, we offer a variety of electives to choose from:


English, French, German

Be prepared in all professional situations


English and German

A confident demeanour towards any interlocutor

Applications and interviews


The perfect start to a new job

Marketing and sales


Important knowledge specifically for the industry

Rhetoric and presentation technique


To represent your company confidently in front of an audience

Business negotiations


A confident appearance is especially important with partners

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