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FAQ for Sprachcaffe Online Language Courses

Want to learn languages online? Here you will find all the answers to frequently asked questions about our online language courses.

General questions

Sprachcaffe offers you the quality of a real academic institution with experienced teachers and a tried-and-tested concept.

Our online classes work in the same way as regular classes at our established language schools. One of our experienced language teachers will go through the class with you, answer all your questions, and address your language needs. Lessons with a real teacher offer you a high degree of individuality as well as good preparation for everyday practice. This ensures the fastest and most sustainable learning progress possible.

With us, too, you decide when and how often you want to learn. From the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.
Whether you're a student or an adult, you can take an online course alone or with other students. Both types of courses offer different advantages.

Private lessons: You can take private lessons alone or together with another person who is at the same learning level as you. The content of the course and the timetable will be tailored to you and your partner. You decide the days and times of the lessons, how many lessons you need and what exactly you need to learn.

Group lessons: In group lessons you will study together with 4-12 international students who are at the same level as you. In this way you will be in contact with other students from all over the world, which encourages dialogue. The groups are purposefully kept small so that everyone can intervene during class.
All the languages you can find on our website can also be learned in an online course, in a group or individually, depending on current availability. The most popular languages are English, Spanish, Italian, French, German as a foreign language, Chinese or Arabic. We also offer languages such as Portuguese, Latin, Turkish or Greek on request. We are constantly adding new online group courses for various languages.
No previous knowledge is necessary! For all languages we offer online courses at different levels: for beginners with and without previous knowledge (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2). Here you can find an overview of the different levels of our online language courses. To determine your level, you will take a language test.
How long your online language course should take to reach the next language level depends on your personal level, your goals and the intensity of the booked language course. However, here is an orientation for you, with how many lessons or learning weeks you should expect on average.
We strictly limit online-group sizes to facilitate teaching and to allow every participant to contribute and ask questions. Online group language courses are reduced to 12 international participants and private lessons can be for 1 person or 2 people.
No, you can enroll whenever you want. The first class usually starts every Monday to keep the learning groups as constant as possible. For absolute beginners, we recommend that you always join at the beginning of the month. This way you will be in a class with other beginners and can keep up from the start.
The lessons are given in the foreign language that is being learned. We believe that constantly using the language results in the best and fastest progress. This may seem a bit overwhelming to beginners, but you shouldn't worry about not being able to follow along. Our experienced teachers adapt to each student individually and use different teaching methods to make sure that everything is understood properly. Of course they will resort to English if the student is having some difficulties with a specific issue.

All of our teachers teach at a native level and have been at our schools for many years.
After enrolling you will be asked to take a placement test so that we can determine your actual language level. This is done in order to make the course groups as homogeneous as possible. We always make sure that students with similar needs are together in the same group. If you find the course too easy or too difficult, talk to us and we will arrange a change.

If you would like to test your current language level now, you can take a free placement test online.
Experienced academic leaders assemble groups in close collaboration with teachers based on placement test scores, demographic information such as age (e.g., students together with high school students), and the participant's scheduling preferences.
Broadband connections have a different upstream and downstream speed. If you are connected to the Internet via WIFI, make sure you have a stable signal. The best way to do this is to not be too far away from your access point/router.

Requirements to participate in an online language course are:
  • Standard quality video
  • 0.5 Mbps receive
  • Send 0.5 Mbps
  • High resolution video
  • 2.5 Mbps receive
  • 3.0 Mbps send

Test your Internet speed here.
All students who have attended 80% of classes will receive a certificate of successful attendance. If you are unable to attend class, it is advisable to notify your teacher and discuss further action.
In addition to the digital textbook, the teacher will provide work materials before, during, and after class. Exactly which work materials or books will be used depends on the level and focus of the study group.

If a specific workbook is used, you will be told at the beginning of the course so you can get it in advance if you prefer the paper form.
Of course! Online courses have more flexibility, and for our online group lessons we offer different time models with variable amount of hours per week.

To choose your own times, we recommend that you sign up for private lessons (one-on-one). Then you have the flexibility to decide on which days and at which times the lessons take place.

Booking and payment

First of all, ask us for your desired online language course without obligation. Simply fill out the form and tell us about your preferences. If you have any questions or would like personal advice, feel free to call us.

We will check availability and find the best online course for you. You will then receive an e-mail with an offer tailored to your needs. If you like this offer, we will book the course for you. In case you are not satisfied with the offer we will of course change it according to your wishes.
If you want to register more than one participant at the same time, just add this as a note to your course request. Please do let us know the language level of the participants.

Based on your information, we will then put together a special offer for several participants. If they all have the same language level, there is the possibility for a closed private course. On the other hand, if they have different language skills we will find the right course for each of them. In order for us to do this we need specific information regarding the needs and goals of each participant.
  1. You will get access to your personal Sprachcaffe log-in. There you will take a language test to determine your level.
  2. Based on your language level and specific needs, we will find you the right language course.
  3. You will then receive an email with a link to access the online classroom. The classroom will be active as soon as the teacher is ready to begin.

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