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The ability to use English with ease has, in recent years, become more than a linguistic luxury. Being spoken on a daily basis in every corner of the world it has become a solid foundation in building a world culture. With hundreds of millions of people using the language worldwide it is playing a huge role in personal and business development alike. English will soon be more than just a global language but will become an invitation to a world culture. Learning the language in an environment where it is used daily allows students to absorb the language in a spontaneous atmosphere. This opportunity simultaneously exposes them to different cultures and tourist destinations. By giving students the confidence to experiment with their newly acquired skills with locals and fellow students they are immersing themselves in the surrounding community. Experiencing English as it is used by the locals in English speaking countries exposes students to every nuance of the language and the background behind the culture and history of the community. With a variety of course options held in unique travel destinations, Sprachcaffe has a tailor made course for every individual. Combining a language learning opportunity with foreign cultures and exotic destinations will provide students with every element needed for a memorable language and travel experience, its the best way to improve speaking.

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