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English and French Courses in Canada for Adults

Canada is one of the world’s most exquisite and diverse destinations with everything from lush mountain ranges, great lakes to a rich historic culture. The country boasts a unique history and a wealth of artistic culture. With French and English being the country’s official languages Canada has a multicultural and multilingual culture that is particularly famous for its welcoming nature and friendly locals.

Taking an English or French course in Canada is a great opportunity to see the second largest country in the world while also learning two of the most important languages in use today. Make the most of your time in Canada and practice your English and French through excursions to the country’s many cultural, historical and natural sites and attractions. Canada is infamous for its expanse of natural beauty that encompasses waterfalls, lush green mountains, great lakes and rivers as well as glaciers and fjords. Discover the Niagara Falls, the Algonquin Provincial Park, the exquisite beaches of Lake Ontario and the slopes of the Blue Mountain as you learn English and French in Canada.

The Great White North

Visit the second largest country in the world, a wonder of nature!

Unique landscapes and places of interest

Skyscreapers, beaches, forests: Canada has it all!

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English and French Courses in Canada for Adults

Why study English in Canada?

Not only could you improve your language skills during one of Sprachcaffe's English courses in Canada, but you could also get to know a wonderfully diverse country with lots of culture and adventure on offer. Whichever English school in Canada you choose from, whether it's the capital of music and art - Montreal, or the sports capital and home of the famous CN Tower - Toronto, you will be in no shortage of ways to occupy your time outside of the classroom. You can use what you learn in the classroom to enhance your holiday in Canada and at the same time use your experiences of exploring Canada as material to discuss with your teacher during class time. The benefits of English courses in Canada are manifold!

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