How do I find inspiration?

Inspiration can be found in very different ways. You can be inspired by anything, and often even by chance. Being observant and open-minded about the world around you will help you do that. However, should you ever have a creative dry spell, we have a few suggestions that might help you find inspiration again.
The word "inspiration" comes from Latin and it means "to breathe into". The terms is colloquially used to express the the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Finding inspiration can be a challenge for many, especially when work and a strict routine might exhaust your energies. So if you're looking for inspiration, why don't you:

Try to step out of your comfort zone

Of course, that's easier said than done. In your cozy comfort zone, everything is uncomplicated and risk-free. But what if the best inspiration is waiting for you outside your comfort zone? You don't have to go all out and take a trip around the world or anything extreme like that. Even small changes can make a big difference. Eat at a new restaurant, watch a movie alone, or talk to a stranger on the street. Just dooing things you've never done before because you're afraid of them will charge your energy batteries and make you see what is around you in a different way. One step further can also be spending some time abroad: this is the best and most effective way to leave your comfort zone behind!

Write your thoughts down

Writing down your ideas, whatever they are and regardless of how developed they are, can be very useful for the future. So if you find yourself brainstorming in the comfort of your living room or on a beach in Cuba, write everything down! In that moment you might think that these thoughts you are having are without value, but in the long run they might inspire you in one way or another. It is also a good way to make more space for new thoughts and ideas. Mind maps are a good alternative if you prefer quicker and more visual ways of presenting ideas.

Take time for yourself

When was the last time you were completely alone with your thoughts? Sometimes life can get overwhelming, and a little peace and quiet can take you a long way. Turn off your smartphone, TV and laptop, close the door or go for a walk and take a moment just for yourself. Let your thoughts run free and don't try to come up with the perfect idea right off the bat. The best ideas come spontaneously, so try not to think too hard. Think of it more as a creative break and let your quiet surroundings positively influence you.

Learn something new

Learning something new can really stimulate your brain. The challenge of facing something unfamiliar, as well as the seeing yourself improve day by day, will renew your energies and really give you a boost. Think about what you've always wanted to do. Playing the piano has always fascinated you? You think French is a beautiful language and you wish you could understand it? Think now about what is stopping you - and too little time or too much effort are not good excuses! So book that language course, buy or borrow that musical instrument, or join the gym, you will not be disappointed!

Find the perfect place

Inspiration is often associated with specific places. It is not always easy to find your inspiration at your desk or in your too-familiar apartment. By exploring new places you will definitely have a new perspective on your life, needs, and desires. Even travelling a couple kilometers away from your front door or office can be enough. If you have a little more time and resources, a vacation is guaranteed to help you expand your sources of inspiration.

Read and get inspired

Reading books can always give you a new perspective. Biographies are especially great if you're looking to gain new perspectives or ideas, the inspiring lives of others a true well of inspiration. You can either read books by authors you like and who have similar views to you, or you can read completely new genres that you have never tried before, taking you outside your comfort zone quickly and effectively.

Go on vacation

On vacation everything is usually new to you - new surroundings, different people, and a foreign culture. Sometimes taking time from your everyday life and discovering something new is enough to boost your energy and your inspiration. Anything from big cities with stimulating culture to quiet nature getaways is a trip worth taking. Going on a language trip is an optimal solution combining vacation and learning, two great sources of inspiration that will gift you new ideas, new insights and, in renewed inspiration.

Brainstorm with others

It's always good when you can talk to others about your ideas and future plans. If you are lucky, you already have someone in your life who is very similar to you, and whom you can exchange ideas with. But it can also be someone new in your life. Often, fresh thoughts and diverse perspectives can help you come up with new ideas.

Meet new people

Some people find it easier and some harder to strike up a conversation with new people. If you are a very sociable person, try to approach a stranger that sparks your interest and chat about your interests. However, if the idea of actively going to someone you don't know and starting a conversation terrifies you, then why not join a group of like-minded people? Travel, sport, or culture groups are a great way to meet people with similar interests. Meeting new people will definitely Meeting new people often brings a new perspective that inspires you.

Take your time

One fundamental thing in your search for inspiration is time and patience. Don't immediately throw away the piece of paper with just wrote because you're not happy with the result. Time and space away from it will give you a new perspective, and will allow you to see the value of it. It can take a little longer than anticipated to be satisfied with the result of what you've done. Often you have to rework something and look for new inspiration again before it gets to where you want it to be. Inspiration is a process that takes time. Sometimes you might get a sudden inspiration followed by weeks of nothing. Don't worry, it will come to you again. The important thing is to start simple and not be afraid to make a mistake.

Inspire yourself

If you are at a loss for ideas in one area, a creative phase in another can be extremely helpful. Painting, sowing, or writing a poem can clear your head, and allow you to face your actual problem with a freer mind.

Don't overthink

Inspiration usually comes spontaneously. How, when and where inspiration will strike can't really be planned in advance. If you try to force yourself to be inspired it will usually produce the opposite result, leaving you frustrated and without ideas. Although it might sound rather cliche, inspiration does happen spontaneously and come from within you. So try to focus more on yourself instead of constantly focusing on finding inspiration - and the inspiration will come.