How to Speak German like a Native

You would like to try speaking German because you know how to say "Guten Morgen" and "Auf Wiedersehen"? That could be useful for a start but you will soon need a few other tips! Here we give you the opportunity to survive this German adventure and sound like a native when speaking to German people: German vocabulary, idiomatic phrases, common language… Saying hello, meeting someone, greeting a person for his birthday…you will be able to deal with every situation! Los geht’s!


"Guten Morgen" is not so much used by German people.  A simple "Morgen!" is more than enough to say hello to someone in the morning.  

Es freut mich!

This is what you are supposed to say when meeting someone for the first time in Germany. It is the equivalent of “nice to meet you!”.

Alles klar

Alles klar  is used to show the person you are talking to that you understood perfectly what she said. You hear it sometimes at the end of a conversation: alles klar, tschüß! - “all right, bye!”. German people also uses it as a question to check if everything is all right: alles klar?


Using genau in a conversation will make you sound like a native in German!  This short word is very common and easy to use in a sentence. This word means “that’s right”, “exactly”, “you are right”… Try listening to German people; you will hear it all the time!

Gott sei Dank!

Literally "Thank God". Like in English quite a lot of German phrases are influenced by religion. You will also hear Meine Güte or Oh mein Gott.

Alles Gute!

You may have learnt in class that “happy birthday” in German is: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag… Literally “Heartful wishes on your birthday”. If you feel like you can’t actually say that, don’t worry! Oftentimes German people greet friends or family with a simple Alles Gute! which means “all the best”. Much easier, right?

Zack, zack!

Zack, zack, would be the English “chop, chop!”! It gives you the idea of a quick move to go on with something else.  Zack, zack, so let’s move to the next one quickly!


When you want to say ach Quatsch , it’s like saying  “don’t be silly” or “that’s nonsense!”.


Stimmt is to agree with someone. It is often used when the person you are talking to convinced you about something or tells you about something you did not think about. It is like “oh yes it’s true” or “you are right”.


If it’s true there is in German the formal phrase Guten Appetit; it could be useful as well to know this other version when wishing someone to enjoy his meal. You can even find a literal translation of the English sentence: Lass es euch schmecken!

Mach’s gut!

This is the equivalent of the English phrase “take care”. This is the perfect thing to say when leaving someone and say goodbye.


Tschüss would be the general word to use every time you want to say goodbye, whether you know the person or not. Of course you also have the famous auf Wiedersehen but let’s say that if you are not sure about its pronunciation, just go for a Tschüss…!

Bonus: German language and…food!

Discover funny phrases in German that have a special flavour…!

Es ist mir Wurst

Literally: This is me sausage
: I don’t care

Ich freue mich wie ein Schnitzel

Literally: I am as glad as a Schnitzel
Meaning: I am very happy


Literally: Soft white cheese
Meaning: Like "Quatsch", it’s nonsense

Alles in Butter?

Literally: Everything in butter?
Meaning: Everything okay?

Abwarten und Tee trinken

Literally: Wait and drink tea
Meaning: Being patient

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