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come migliorare l’inglese da soli

We all love to travel, don't we? We are sure that if you were offered a free plane ticket to another continent right now, you would surely say yes. Because travel is an instinct that has accompanied humans since the beginning of their existence. The exotic, the unknown, that which seems new to our eyes, captivates us, and these impulses make us wander further and further afield.

Nowadays we have many more opportunities to travel than in earlier…

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Over the years, YouTube has become one of the best platforms for tutorials and explanatory videos on a wide range of topics. Learning English with YouTube is also easy. The best part is that you can even improve your English for free with YouTube. If you type "learn English" into the search bar on YouTube, you will be overwhelmed by countless videos that will help you improve your English.

To make sure you don't waste too much time choosing the…

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You've been learning Spanish for a while and have a relatively good command of the basic vocabulary? Then it's time to take the next step in learning Spanish. With advanced Spanish skills, it's time not only to learn individual Spanish words, but also to get used to whole Spanish phrases and structures. This will make your Spanish sound more natural and native Spanish speakers will be able to understand you more easily.

That's why we've put…

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You probably often ask yourself: which podcast can you learn French with? It's true that sometimes it's difficult to find a podcast that suits your level. Here we give you a selection of podcasts in French that will allow you to progress and have fun while doing it.

As we all know, immersing yourself in a language is the best way to make progress. But if you don't have the opportunity to travel to France, speak with native speakers, or even take…

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Uno, dos, tres, let's go! Learning numbers in Spanish is not that difficult and is also very important, especially at the beginning. You will quickly notice that you have to work with numbers a lot in Spanish. For example, if you want to pay in a restaurant or tell someone your age.

So that you can quickly master the numbers in Spanish, we have created clear lists for you with which you can easily learn to count in Spanish up to 100 and beyond.

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When learning a foreign language, learning vocabulary is just as important as learning grammar rules. Especially at the beginning, as a beginner in your target language, you should concentrate on expanding your vocabulary. Only then will you be able to communicate and understand your foreign language in texts and spoken language.

But how do you learn new vocabulary effectively and frustration-free? Aimlessly memorising new words can quickly…

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Learning German can be a real challenge. Grammar in particular can quickly frustrate students because of its numerous irregularities. However, there are also some tips and tricks that will make learning when to use which article much easier!

One area that causes most German learners a lot of problems is choosing the correct definite article. For German beginners, choosing the correct definite article seems arbitrary, even random, which is why…

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Learn a new language

Learning a new language means investing a lot of time and effort, but the rewards are truly amazing. Between opening up exciting opportunities and boosting your self-confidence, it is never a mistake to immerse yourself in a new culture through its language. Here at Sprachcaffe we want to make your learning process as easy as possible and help you keep the motivation up. So here six tips to read before you start your exciting language learning…

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Learn languages for free

Learning English can cost a lot of time and money and can seem tedious at first glance. But it doesn't have to be! We collected some amazing free resources that will help you improve your English in no time by incorporating them into your everyday life.

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American vs. British English

Great Britain and the United States don't just differ because of their size, culture, and eating habits. The official language of both nations - English - is also slightly different. The differences between British English and American English are not huge, but not knowing in which way they differ can lead to mistakes or misunderstandings.

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