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Наши услуги

Языковые курсы Sprachcaffe предлагают на выбор множество языков и направлений, каждое из которых обладает своим уникальным шармом. Мы стремимся предоставить широкий выбор пакетов программ, чтобы удовлетворить потребности всех учащихся. Какой бы пакет курсов вы ни выбрали и куда бы вы ни решили поехать, для всех включены стандартный пакет услуг. Ниже представлен обзор дополнительных услуг, включенных в наши выгодные пакеты языковых курсов для взрослых и детей в Sprachcaffe.

Language courses

Courses for every language level, in every language and for every level of difficulty are already included in the total cost and don't incur in additional fees. All Sprachcaffe language courses are characterised by:

Placement test

We determine your language level on the first day of your language study trip.

Highly qualified teachers

Carefully selected, excellently trained and experienced teachers.

Individual course level

Language courses for everyone from beginner to expert and exam preparation.

Individual intensity

From more relaxed language trips to success-oriented super-intensive courses.

Teaching materials

The ideal blend of cutting-edge insights and valued knowledge.

International spirit

Meet like-minded people from all over the world and chat in a relaxed atmosphere.

Language certificate

Upon completion of the language course, each participant receives the Sprachcaffe certificate.

Exciting electives

Additional courses in Business English, Drama or Rhetoric and much more.

Standard Language Courses

The Standard Course is the perfect compromise between a language course and free time. You have 4 lessons a day, with plenty of time for leisure before and after.

Basic Standard Course

Your free time is a priority

Lessons per week: 10 lessons

Minimum duration: 2 weeks

Standard Course

Balance between learning and leisure time

Lessons per week: 20 lessons

Minimum duration: 1 week

Intensive courses

The intensive course for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and German is the ideal choice if you want to improve your language skills considerably in a short time and can do without a little free time. The additional lessons will be noticeable in your learning progress.

Intensive Course

Less leisure time, but greater learning success

Lessons per week: 30 lessons

Minimum duration: 1 week

Super Intensive Course

Focus on learning success

Lessons per week: 40 lessons

Minimum duration: 1 week

Language Exam Preparation

Language course to prepare for an external language certificate

Lessons depend on exam

Minimum duration: 8 weeks

Combination Course

Combine French & Arabic, or German & English

Lessons per week: 30 lessons

Minimum duration: 1 week

Individual language courses

Individual tuition is the most effective type of course in our programme. By allowing the language teacher to focus on an individual student, their needs can be met precisely.

Individual Lessons

Tailored to your needs

Lessons per week: 10, 20 or 30

Minimum duration: 1 week

Afternoon or Evening Courses

Study in small groups in the afternoons or evenings.

Lessons per week: 20

Minimum duration: 1 week

Adult Course Prices Include:

Your course: Taught by knowledgeable and skilled, native language teachers in the destination of your choice. Choose the right level and duration for you from the selection of course options for that destination.

Accommodation: Choose your accommodation among the offers available for your language course destination. Some accommodation will include meals and others will require you to cook your own meals.

Loan of course materials: All course materials, including books, will be provided for a refundable deposit for the duration of your course. In certain destinations students are furthermore required to pay a weekly renting fee which is not refundable. On demand, the loan can at the end of the stay also be deducted from the deposit.

Placement test: This will accurately determine your language level on the day of your arrival or beforehand so as to ensure you are placed in the most appropriate group for you.

Certificate of completion: After completion of your course you will receive a certificate stating the number of hours you have studied with Sprachcaffe and the language level you have reached.

Under-20 Course Prices Include:

Language course: Knowledgeable and skilled, native language teachers along with the latest teaching materials and methods. These courses are fun, dynamic and communicative.

Accommodation: Choose your preferred accommodation type from the options offered at your chosen language course destination. All accommodation will be full board, with breakfast and dinner provided at the place of residence. Students will be provided with a packed lunch that will be eaten at school or on outings.

Transfer to / from the airport or train station: There may be an additional surcharge for this service depending on the destination. If the airline requires that minors have accompaniment during the flight, Sprachcaffe can offer this service at an additional 100€ each way.

Age-appropriate supervision: Our dedicated team of activity coordinators at Sprachcaffe will accompany under-age students at all times during excursion and leisure activities. They are constantly available for students who need help or advice.

Varied leisure programme: Activities include excursions, sight-seeing trips and outings, as well as sports activities, welcome parties, karaoke, movie nights, shopping trips and much more. The programme varies depending on the location but is always guaranteed to be fun for everyone. The activities are designed to promote interaction and team building between the students, as well as to provide an insight into the history and culture of the host country.

Placement test: A short language test to determine the student's level will be done on the student's day of arrival at their chosen language school, or beforehand. This allows the staff to appropriately match the student with the right group for them.

Course certificate: This will provide official evidence of successful completion of the course and will state the number of lessons the student has taken and the language level achieved.


Sprachcaffe offers various accommodation options such as staying with a host family or a hotel. Our students' well-being comes first, which is why they are free to choose the accommodation that makes them feel the most comfortable.
Standard Apartment
Single or double room
Breakfast, with half board or full board available
Shared kitche and bathroom
Directly on campus or max. 10 minutes on foot
Comfort Apartment
Single or double room
Breakfast, half board or full board possible
Shared kitchen and bathroom
Directly on campus
Spacious and modern rooms
Air conditioning
Host family
Shared room
Full board
Approximately 15 minutes by bus or on foot
Traditional environment
Shared room
Full board
Approximately 15 minutes on foot or by bus
Private bathroom
Fan, TV, and landline
Single or double room
Self-catering or full board
5 minute walk
Private bathroom
TV & landline
Guest house
Single or double room
20 minute walk
Shared bathroom
Simple facilities

Single or double room
Breakfast, half board or full board available
Air conditioning
Private bathroom


Single room
Full board
Free WiFi
Choice of private or shared bathroom

Placement test according to the "Common European Framework of Reference" (CEFR)

At the beginning of your language course with Sprachcaffe you will take a placement test that determines your current language level and helps us find the right language course for you. The test is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe

Don't worry about preparing before taking the test. There is no grade and it is impossible to fail: we simply use the results to put you in a class that matches your level and your knowledge.

The Sprachcaffe Language Certificate

Every participant receives a certificate at the end of the language course. You can use this to prove your newly-acquired foreign language skills.

Language certificates are often required for higher education as well as for professional careers. The Sprachcaffe certificate always refers to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). There you will find all the information necessary for international comparability.

Important: Please note that the Sprachcaffe certificate differs from officially recognised certificates such as the Cambridge Certificate or the TOEFL certificate. We cannot guarantee that this document will be recognised by your university or employer. Often they require an officially recognised document such as the TOEFL certificate.

Do you still have questions or need some advice?

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