Accommodation Options

Sprachcaffe/Languages PLUS recognizes the value of good accommodation - it is an essential component of an enjoyable language course abroad. Providing you with classrooms, books and computers is of course important, but so is a pleasant and comfortable place to stay.

Sprachcaffe Apartments

Sharing the same apartment with other international students enables you to talk to people from various countries using the foreign language you're learning, and thus improve your communication skills. The apartments - with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms - are typically furnished according to the respective country.  Single or double rooms are availablein all the apartments. The apartments are generally without supervision and are self-catering, but there are a number of restaurants available at most destinations.

  • Standard Apartments:
    These apartments are very pleasant and clean, and are ideal for the travelleron a budget. The furniture is basic but of good quality, and kitchens and bathrooms are fully equipped. Some of the apartments are located directly on our campuses, while others are found outside the school. At some locations you can also book breakfast, half- or full-board.
  • Comfort Apartments:
    Comfort apartments offer a better location, size, furnishing and equipment. The cleaning service is more frequent, usually twice a week. At some locations you can also book breakfast, half- or full-board.

Sprachcaffe School Residences

Many of our schools offer the option to stay in residence accommodation. The students live and learn under one roof: they basically live together "like a big family", so to speak.

Depending on the destination you can choose between standard and comfort accommodation, single or double rooms, and breakfast, half or full board are available at some locations on payment of a surcharge.

Sprachcaffe Studios / Aparthotel

Would you prefer more privacy? At some locations you could choose to stay in a studio apartment with en-suite bathroom and cooking facilities. This would be like having your own apartment and you wouldn't have to share the kitchen area or bathroom with other people.

Breakfast, half or full board is available at some locations at an additional cost.

Sprachcaffe Guesthouses / Hotels

If you would like to have a little more personal space where you stay, accommodation in a hotel could be the right choice for you.

You could choose from various options, however all rooms have their own bathroom. For hotel bookings, please note that double rooms may only be booked by two students travelling together.

Sprachcaffe Homestays

If you are interested in both the language itself and also learning about the lifestyle, habits and customs of the host country during your stay, then you will find that living in an accommodation in a private home is the perfect choice.

A variety of "homestays" are available, including families with or without children as well as single households. The provision of meals varies depending on the location.