Moving to Canada: Things you should know?

Moving to Canada is a dream for many people. Canada seems to be a real dream country for many people for a better future and better quality of life. But why is Canada one of the most popular destination country for immigrants? We will look into this question! In addition, we look at what to expect after Canada emigration. What is life like in Canada, where can you work or study in Canada and what is the cost of living in Canada? With these questions and much more we deal here. Let's go!

Moving to Canada: Here are the reasons

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for many people in Europe and around the world. Particularly popular are the cities of Vancouver and Toronto. But also the bilingual city of Montreal and Ottawa are among the popular destinations. But why is Canada so popular for emigrants? There are many factors for this, which we will take a closer look at below.

The job market in Canada: Canada's economy is extremely open, flexible and in constant development. This is shown, among other things, by statistics showing the very positive development of Canada's gross domestic product from 1981 to 2022 and forecast until 2028. Economic growth always has a direct impact on the labor market, because a healthy economy also means many jobs, high salaries and excellent career prospects.

The nature of Canada: Canada is not least such an attractive country because it is full of untouched nature. The variety of landscapes is perfect for nature lovers and outdoor adventures. Living in Canada means being close to the beauty of untouched nature and breathing the fresh and clean air. So emigrating to Canada means being close to the outdoor adventures that you can only experience on a Canadian vacation.

The health care system in Canada: Canada's health care services are among the most efficient and modern health care services. In addition, they are fully funded by taxes paid by citizens and by primary and secondary education: there is no need to pay extra for public health.

Open-minded country: People in Canada are considered to be one of the nicest people in the whole world. This makes life in Canada particularly pleasant. Respectful interaction between Canadians enhances the quality of life in Canada. In addition, Canada is characterized by its mulitcullturelle society. In Canada you meet people from all over the world, learn new cultures and live together with them respectfully in one society.


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What are the arguments against moving to Canada?

As you can see, there are many reasons to emigrate to Canada. Especially the main factor standard of living and a secure job stand out. An emigration is a life-changing decision and should therefore be well considered. Therefore, you should be sure in advance that life in Canada really suits you. Take a look at what speaks against an emigration to Canada and decide whether these points are decisive for you.

Cold climate: In many parts of Canada it is very cold. Especially in the northern areas of Canada it can reach up to -40°C. Since Canada is very large, there are different climate zones. There are also cities in Canada, such as Vancouver, where the climate is comparable to the climate in Central Europe. So, before you emigrate to Canada, be clear about which city you want to move to and to what extent you will be able to cope with the climate there.

Distance to Europe: Canada is located on the other side of the world and is almost 8000 km away from Europe. Not only the distance, but also a different time zone can be a deterrent. If you have solid roots in Europe with family and friends, you should think twice about emigrating to Canada. In addition, for visits you have to reckon with many flight hours and expensive airline tickets. Visiting family is expensive and time consuming.

Before you finally decide to emigrate to Canada, you should make sure that living in Canada is right for you. Therefore, you should definitely travel to Canada beforehand and immerse yourself in their culture. The best way to do this is with a language study trip to Toronto or Vancouver. This way you can get to know the locals and experience the Canadian way of life with your own eyes. Become a member of a Canadian family in a host family and get to know the everyday life of Canadians.

Cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada depends largely on the area you choose to emigrate to. Rural areas in Canada are usually much cheaper than living in cities. In Canada, the cost of living is highest in the big city of Vancouver.

As far as daily living is concerned, the cost of everyday products from Canadian supermarkets in 2023 is about the same as you can see in the following overview:

Milk (1L): 2.70 CAD
Eggs (12): 3,30 CAD
Chicken breast (1kg): 10-14 CAD
Gasoline (1L): CAD 1.97
Monthly gym membership: 54 CAD
Movie ticket: approx. 14 CAD
Public transportation ticket: about 3 CAD

The rent prices depend strongly on the city you want to emigrate to. They range from 600 to 700 CAD and can be as high as 2000 CAD in very expensive cities in the most expensive parts of town. Toronto is the most expensive city in Canada in terms of rental prices. Utilities for a 180 sq. ft. apartment are about 85 CAD per month and are often included in the rent.

If you look at the components of the cost of living in Canada, the cost comparison depends heavily on the city you are moving to in Canada. For example, big cities like Vancouver, Ottawa or Montreal are more expensive than living in the countryside.

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Life in Canada: Career, studies and family

Canada is ranked 15th in the World Happiness Report's ranking of the happiest countries in the world. This is because Canada is always one step ahead of the rest in many ways. The bureaucracy is known for its efficiency and the people for the care they have for the environment and common spaces.

Working in Canada

As we mentioned earlier, the job market in Canada is in great shape. The economy is growing, there is never a shortage of job openings, and the pay rate in Canada is excellent and covers the general living expenses of a typical Canadian household. Canada is particularly well suited for highly skilled workers. The fields of information technology and everything related to the development of artificial intelligence are fast growing industries in Canada.

The family life in Canada

Canada is also the right choice for family life. Canada benefits from an excellent school system, which is at least on the same level as that in Germany. In the ultra-modern Canadian education system, students are optimally prepared for later professional life.

Life in Canada also offers a lot for leisure time with the family. Canada is famous for its beautiful nature. So what could be better than experiencing beautiful outdoor activities with the family and enjoying nature on trips to lakes, picnics in the park or camping in the Canadian forest? Only studying at the university after school education has a clear disadvantage. Studying in Canada can be very expensive, because at most universities students have to pay their own tuition. In this respect, studying in Germany has a clear advantage.

To which city in Canada should I emigrate?

Every city has its positives and negatives and you have to decide for yourself what you value most in your future city. If you are looking for a quiet life, Canadian megacities such as Vancouver, Ottawa or Victoria might not be your first choice. However, if you enjoy the lifestyle of such a world metropolis, a big city is your choice for your emigration to Canada.

Below we take a look at the largest cities in Canada and explain what it's like to live in these cities.

Ottawa: The Capital City of Canada

Life in Ottawa

Ottawa enjoys a good location, close enough to Montreal, Toronto and even New York! It is a quiet, bilingual and student city, thanks to the presence of many universities. Rents here range from 700 to 1400 CAD per month, and utilities are often included.

Facts about Ottawa

✔ Population: ~ 1 million inhabitants
✔ Capital: Ottawa is the capital of Canada
✔ Two languages: French and English are spoken in Ottawa
✔ Climate: Warm summers and cold winters, 4 seasons

Toronto: International City in Ontario

Life in Toronto

Toronto business capital of Canada, the city with the best job opportunities and is also rich in art and culture. There is no lack of opportunities - as in any city in Canada - to play sports and explore nature with trips and excursions outside the city. Sad point: it is the city with the most expensive rents in all of Canada.

Facts about Toronto

✔ Population: About 2.9 million people, Very multicultural
✔ Art and culture: Large cultural scene
✔ Green spaces: High quality of life despite cosmopolitan city
✔ Climate: Warm summers and cold winters

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Winnipeg: The largest city of Manitoba

Life in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is located in the province of Manitoba and is one of the quieter cities in Canada. In terms of nightlife, Winnipeg has less to offer in comparison, but convinces with the lower cost of living. Winnipeg is also well positioned in terms of jobs. Especially the areas of trade, education and health are in great demand in Winnipeg.

Facts about Winnipeg

✔ Population: Winnipeg has 778,000 inhabitants
✔ Multicultural: Mix of diverse ethnic backgrounds.
✔ Economy: Well positioned with many industries
✔ Climate: Warm summers, very cold winters

Vancouver: A combination of nature and big city

Life in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in Canada, but is also considered the most livable, thanks to the relationship between climate, opportunities and diversity of cultures It is the city of fun, the only place in Canada where you can relax on the beach in the summer. Vancouver is also known as the "Hollywood of the North".

Facts about Vancover

✔ Population: 631,000 people, multicultural city
✔ Geography: Pacific Northwest, Coast Mountains, Pacific Ocean
✔ Climate: Mild winters, warm summers, lots of rainfall
✔ Economy: Robust economy, financial center and film industry

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Conclusion: Moving to Canada is worth it

Emigrating to Canada is worth it! Canada offers a variety of advantages for potential immigrants. The country is characterized by a high quality of life, political stability, a well-developed education system, a strong social system and a diverse and friendly society. In addition, there are numerous professional opportunities in Canada, especially in the fields of technology, healthcare and engineering. The breathtaking nature, cultural diversity and safety make Canada an attractive destination for people looking for a new home.

Choose your favorite Canadian city and start planning your emigration to Canada. The best thing to do is to test the daily life in Canada on a longer stay to find out if living in Canada is really something for you in the long run. This is exactly what a Canadian language study trip is for. You can get to know the culture, make first contacts and improve your English skills.

Come to Canada and start your new life!