Things to do in Frankfurt: A City of Captivating Excursions

Frankfurt, the vibrant financial center of Germany, is well-known for its tall skyscrapers and busy business district as well as for its rich historical legacy. A city teeming with thrilling excursions that give visitors an immersive experience lies beneath its contemporary exterior. Frankfurt has something to enthrall every traveler, regardless of whether they are history buffs, art connoisseurs, or just looking for an unforgettable adventure. Join us as we explore things to do in Frankfurt and what it has to offer.

Frankfurt Activities in the city centre

Frankfurt's city centre offers a number of highlights that you must include in your plan for activities in Frankfurt. From the shopping centres like MyZeil and Skyline Plaza to Frankfurt's old town, Frankfurt's city centre offers a number of attractions. Check out what you must include in your Frankfurt activity plan here.

Discovering the Old Town (Altstadt)

You can travel back in time by entering Frankfurt's Altstadt, also known as the Old Town. The captivating atmosphere is created by the neighborhood's winding cobblestone streets, charming half-timbered homes and charming squares. Beautifully restored medieval structures that serve as stores, cafes and restaurants can be found here. Admire the traditional architecture, ornate balconies and intricate facades that emit a distinct old-world charm.

Altstadt's impressive Frankfurt Cathedral (Dom) is another highlight. This Gothic masterpiece, which dates to the 14th century, has stunning stained glass windows, intricate stone carvings and a lofty spire. Enter to learn about the lengthy history and be amazed by the interior's minute details. Next to the cathedral, there is the Historical Museum, which provides a thorough look into Frankfurt's past, including its function as a significant trade and financial center.

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Sightseeing and activities in the city centre

Shopping in MyZeil oder Skyline Plaza

Frankfurt's city centre is the perfect place for those who like to go shopping. Besides the long Zeil, which stretches from the Hauptwache to the Konstablerwache, there are countless opportunities for fashion enthusiasts. These are Frankfurt's two largest shopping malls. MyZeil is close to the old town and can be reached quickly. Skyline Plaza, surrounded by huge skyscrapers, is a little further away, but is also a real attraction in Frankfurt.

Climb the Frankfurt Cathedral

Another highlight in the old town is the impressive Frankfurt Cathedral. This 14th century Gothic masterpiece has impressive stained glass windows, ornate stonework and a high spire. As you enter the cathedral, you'll learn more about its long history and enjoy the minute details of the interior. From the top of Frankfurt Cathedral you have a unique view of the Frankfurt skyline and can overlook the entire city.

Frankfurt's Römer

The town hall of Frankfurt is also known as the Frankfurt Römer. The Rathhaus is a row of gabled houses and is built in the late Gothic style. The Römerberg is the square directly in front of the Römer and is often the site of many festivals and also the central point of Frankfurt's Christmas market. Traditionally, Römerberg is used as a venue for events such as the celebration of the German national team or Eintracht Frankfurt after title wins.

St Paul's Church

A visit to St Paul's Church is hightly recommended, very close to Frankfurt's Römer and thus also to Frankfurt's old town. The imposing Paulskirche is a true architectural highlight from the outside. You can visit the interior of St Paul's Church free of charge and let the atmosphere of the church work its magic on you. Next to the cathedral is the Historical Museum, which offers a comprehensive insight into Frankfurt's past.

Museums in Frankfurt city centre

Museum of Money

If you want to learn more about money, currencies and the work of the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Money Museum is an interesting option.

Senckenberg Naturmuseum

This is one of the largest natural history museums in Germany and is located in Bockenheim. It houses impressive collections of fossils, minerals, dinosaurs and live animals.

Frankfurt History Museum

The Historisches Museum is located in the heart of the old town and shows the history and culture of the city from early times to the present. It offers fascinating exhibitions and interactive presentations that bring Frankfurt's history to life.

Experience the view from the Main Tower

Visit the Main Tower, the most famous landmark in Frankfurt's city centre. With a breathtaking viewing platform 200 metres above the ground, you can see all of Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The platform offers a 360-degree view of the modern skyline, the Main River and the Taunus Mountains.

On the 53rd floor, the Main Tower Restaurant awaits you with delicious dishes and an impressive view. Climbing the Main Tower is an unforgettable experience that shows you Frankfurt from a whole new perspective.

Highlights of the Frankfurt's City Centre

Frankfurter Altstadt

Frankfurter Skyline

MyZeil and Skyline Plaza

Frankfurt Activities on the Main river

The river Main is one of the largest rivers in Germany and has a considerable influence on activities in Frankfurt. This is mainly because the Main flows right through Frankfurt. In addition to the many bridges, Frankfurt is also characterised by activities on the banks of the Main and on the Main. Below, we show you which activities you should do at the Main in Frankfurt.

Enjoy the Main riverbank in Frankfurt

Enjoy the beauty of Frankfurt's waterfront with a stroll along the Museum Embankment. Admire works of art by great artists such as Rembrandt, Monet and Picasso in the cool museums along the way.

Discover the German Film Museum and the breathtaking panoramic view of the skyline with historic architecture and modern skyscrapers like the Main Tower and the Commerzbank Tower.

The most popular museums in Frankfurt am Main

The Museumsufer on the southern bank of the Main is a paradise for art and history lovers with twelve renowned museums, one of the densest museum landscapes in Europe. Visit the Museum for Moderne Kunst (MMK), an architectural masterpiece with an impressive collection of contemporary art from all over the world.

The German Architecture Museum (DAM) is a must for architecture and design enthusiasts to discover the development of German architecture. Discover the diversity of Frankfurt's museum district!

The highlights of Frankfurt's Museeumsufer

Städel Museum

The Städel Museum is one of the most important art museums in Germany. It houses an impressive collection of over 3,000 paintings, 600 sculptures, 4,000 photographs and more than 100,000 drawings and graphics.

German Architecture museum

The DAM is dedicated to the history and development of architecture in Germany. It presents fascinating exhibitions on the diverse architectural styles and their impact on society over time.


The Liebieghaus is indeed one of the most important museums on Frankfurt's Museumsufer. Located directly on the banks of the Main, it is a sculpture museum that houses an impressive collection of sculptures from different eras and cultures.

Cruising on the Main River

A boat trip on the Main offers you a completely different perspective on Frankfurt. From there, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view of Frankfurt's Main riverbank and the impressive skyline from the Main. A boat trip on the Main is definitely one of the activities in Frankfurt that you must plan and experience.

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More about Frankfurt

Other activities in and around Frankfurt

Frankfurt has a lot to offer. With numerous activities in and around Frankfurt, you'll never be bored on a city trip to Frankfurt. Below we present some exciting destinations and insider tips for Frankfurt activities that you should not miss.

Activities in Sachsenhausen

Apple cider tasting in Alt-Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen is known for its bars and restaurants. There you can enjoy the famous Frankfurt apple wine. Sachsenhausen also has a great selection of excellent restaurants. You can try typical German food and then enjoy a walk through one of the most beautiful districts of Frankfurt.

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Our Sprachcaffe language school in Sachsenhausen is also a real highlight. There you have the opportunity to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian and many other languages.

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Pure relaxation at the Palmengarten

You can find peace and nature in the Palmengarten, a breathtaking botanical garden in the middle of Frankfurt. It covers 54 hectares and offers various themed gardens, including tropical greenhouses, a rose garden and a Japanese garden.

Discover exotic plants, orchids, Mediterranean terraces and experience the relaxed atmosphere. The Palm Garden offers events and exhibitions throughout the year. Whether you are a nature lover or a peace seeker, you will find relaxation and inspiration here. Come by and enjoy this green oasis in the city.

Activities outside Frankfurt

The Great Feldberg - Hiking in Frankfurt

You can also discover very exciting sights outside of Frankfurt. One of the most popular destinations for many travellers to Frankfurt is the Taunus region in the north of Frankfurt am Main. After you have enjoyed the Frankfurt city feeling, you can climb the Großer Feldberg, for example.

The mountain, which is about 879.5 metres above sea level, invites you to go hiking and also offers a breathtaking view of the entire Rhine-Main region. There are plenty of paths and routes to climb the Großer Feldberg and experience relaxation in nature. Check out our sample route for a hike outside Frankfurt.

Visit other towns

Frankfurt is very centrally located in Hesse and has excellent connections to numerous exciting cities in Germany. Highlights include Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse, Mainz or Dramstadt.

But other German cities are also very easy to reach for day trips from Frankfurt. These include Heidelberg, Aschaffenburg or Würzburg, among others.

Activities in Frankfurt: There is so much to experience!

Frankfurt's excursions are an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience the city's rich history, vibrant cultural scene and natural beauty. From the charming Old Town with its fascinating historical sights to the thrilling Museum Embankment, where art and creativity flourish, all excursions offer a unique and intense experience.

In the Palmengarten, you can retreat and find peace amidst lush greenery, while the climb up the Main Tower gives you an unparalleled view of the city skyline. Frankfurt offers captivating excursions to suit every interest and desire, ensuring you find something to remember long after your trip is over. I hope our list of things to do in Frankfurt has excited you enough to book a ticket to Frankfurt right away.