Learn English for free

Learning English can cost a lot of time and money and can seem tedious at first glance. But it doesn't have to be! We collected some amazing free resources that will help you improve your English in no time by incorporating them into your everyday life.

Free websites

There are many websites to help you improve your English completely free of charge. You can really find anything online, from grammar and pronunciation to listening and reading exercises.
Here are our picks for the most useful websites to use:
  • English Help: Here you can find simple explanations of grammar rules, vocabulary lists, games, tips, etc.
  • Talk English: Lessons for all levels, business, conversations, and more
  • ESOL Courses: Free interactive listening lessons, reading exercises, quizzes & games.
  • engVid: Learn English for free with 1722 video lessons by experienced native-speaker teachers.

Youtube Videos

  • Easy English: Mitch and Isi upload videos with lots of conversations on various topics that will help you improve your vocabulary and spoken English. They also have videos where they interview people from Great Britain, a great way to get to know the people and culture while learning the language - educational and entertaining at the same time!
  • BBC Learning English: Every day a new video is uploaded about different topics of the English language. Grammar explanations, new vocabulary and even live English lessons, a great channel to learn the language!
  • Watch English-speaking Youtubers - just choose the ones you like the most and learn English while being entertained!

Language learning apps

Flexible learning experience: language learning apps allow you to improve your English skills from anywhere. Whether you're on the train or want to study during your lunch break, just open the app and start learning!
  • Babbel: Learn English as well as 13 other languages! Babbel offers 40 lessons for free, when you're done with those you need to sign up for a subscription. are free at Babbel - after that you have to sign up for a subscription.
  • Duolingo: With over 100 million users, Duolingo is the most popular language learning app. There are different lessons and levels that cover different topics, all free of charge!
  • Memrise: Listen to audio recordings of native speakers, learn words and phrases from everyday situations and start chatting!

Online language forums

If you want to become part of a community and learn English from the comfort of your home, an online language forum is the right choice for you. Here are some examples:

Music and podcasts

Listening to native English speakers will help you become familiar with the language. Pay attention to the lyrics of your favorite songs - you can read them on YouTube while the song is playing, a great reading and listening exercise!

There are podcasts on every conceivable topic - these are some of our favorite ones:
  • The Daily: Five times a week journalist Michael Barbaro covers a current topic in about 20 minutes. It's not always just about the news in the U.S., global events are often addressed as well.
  • Luke's English Podcast: Luke, an English teacher from London, teaches you important language skills such as pronunciation, topic-specific vocabulary, colloquial expressions, as well as telling you some funny stories about his life.
  • Love and Radio: Love and Radio has some very interesting interviews with people talking about their lives or discussing a specific topic.
  • No Such Thing As A Fish: The name may not make any sense - but the content of this podcast does. Each week, different hosts present their favorite fact they've dug up throughout the week. So if you're looking to educate yourself in the "useless knowledge" category, this podcast is for you.
  • 6 Minute English: As the name suggests, you'll learn 6 minutes of English in one episode. Every episode focuses on a specific everyday situation, offering you some topic-specific vocabulary that you will definitely find useful!

Language partner

Have you ever heard of a language partner? That's someone who speaks your learning language as a native language and wants to learn your native language. You teach each other your native languages by simply talking, explaining things, and maybe even becoming friends. You can have an online language partner that you write or video call with, or you can find someone in your city so you can meet in person! Check out Tandem and HelloTalk and make friends while learning!

Play and learn

Even adults can learn something through games! It is easier to remember information when you have built an emotional connection (in this case the fun factor) to it. Check out these websites that offer online games:

Sprachcaffe English Test

With the English test from Sprachcaffe you can find out what your language level is and learn from your mistakes! We then give you suggestions on how to improve your English skills with us. Test your English skills here »

Films and TV series

To watch English movies or series you usually have to pay for a streaming service or VPN. Watching English-language TV will not only improve your listening comprehension, but will also help you with your pronunciation and knowledge of English idioms. You can choose to watch a movie or series on a streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime Video. Some channels we reccomend to watch British, American or Australian content are:
  • BBC: National TV service with 9 different channels
  • ITV: The largest commercial television station in the U.K.
  • ABC: Original programs, Sports, News
  • FOX: Sports, political talk shows, and reality tv
  • Australian Plus: International TV channel with a special "Learn English" offer

Learn languages on vacation

Another way you can learn English for free is by learning by doing it while on vacation. Of course, a vacation isn't free - but if you're there anyway, why not take the chance and speak as much English as possible? In an English-speaking country like England or the US is of course easier since you're constantly surrounded by the language. But even if you travel to Spain or Italy, most people know English. Try to get involved and speak as much as you can - even if you might make a few mistakes at the beginning it is important you don't give up! We assure you you will see your level improving rather quickly.

As you can see, there are many ways to learn English for free. You should add as much variety as possible to your learning routine and not give up! However, for effective learning, we recommend that you take lessons with a professional teacher who will show you the correct use of grammar rules, knows the best methods for learning, and will cater to your individual needs.

The English lessons can take place in groups or individually, for example online or in combination with language trip. Find your preference and learn to speak like a native speaker! Good luck!
Apart from the free resources we have mentioned, the best way to really learn English is on a language study trip to Malta, England, Canada or the USA. Professional native-speaking teachers cater to the individual needs of each student and support them in their learning path. Our trips are a combination of intensive learning and fun vacation where you will not only learn English, but also get to know the country, the culture and the people, making you feel even more connected to the language. Here are Sprachcaffe's 10 reasons to go on a language trip »

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