Standard Courses

Whether you are a complete beginner or simply wish to brush up on your English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese or Arabic, a Standard Language Course at any of our Sprachcaffe / Languages PLUS schools around the world is bound to meet your requirements.

This is the perfect compromise between learning the language and enjoying your free time. Four daily lessons guarantee effective learning, while the morning or afternoon remains free for extra-curricular activities.

Our standard courses at a glance

  • Course duration: minimum 1 week
  • Classes: 4 lessons per day, each of 45 minutes, 5 course days per week (15 hours per week)
  • Minimum age in the Adult Program: 18 years old
  • Levels: basic, intermediate, advanced
  • Starting dates: throughout the year

Standard course structure

The four lessons that you will have each day are as follows:

  • 1 lesson - grammar and general vocabulary exercises
  • 1 lesson - conversation
  • 2 lessons - reading, understanding texts, listening, writing

The course structure may vary depending on the individual teachers and students. The topics may refer to current articles from local newspapers and magazines. We work with texts that match the students' language skills. This way, the texts and topics can be discussed actively by the group.

Standard courses in our language schools

A large part of our language students opt for the standard course option, which is the ideal combination of language course and free time. You can find thestandardlanguage courses in almost all Sprachcaffe language schools.

Our Standard Courses are also online!

All language courses are also online! Learn languages with the guaranteed Sprachcaffe quality with qualified language teachers in small groups or in individual lessons.

Learn languages online

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