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Test your Language Proficiency Online - for Free!

Start one of our quick and free online language tests and find out what level you are at. Simply answer the questions in our test and get a feeling for your current language level at the end of the test. Maybe you have a higher language level than you think!

We wish you luck with your online language proficiency test!

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Discover the best destinations for learning languages abroad.

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How to improve your language level?

The best way to learn a language is to surround yourself with it and practice it on a daily basis. That is why Sprachcaffe offers you a wide variety of language courses abroad, where you will improve your knowledge of the chosen language, but also enjoy an incredible vacation in fabulous destinations.

Our courses are adapted to your needs and are also a wonderful way to get to know a country, its culture and of course its people. Also, do not hesitate to consult the classification of the different language levels to know where you are. Discover all our amazing destinations for adults and teenagers and get ready to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime - return from your stay with a much better language level than when you arrived!

For more information about the language courses we offer, discover our destinations by clicking on study langauges abroad!

Test your language proficiency before taking a Language certificate

A placement test is also a good basis if you want to obtain a language certificate. Here you can use the placement test in different ways: You know the requirements for obtaining the certificate that is relevant to you and take a test at the beginning of your learning process to be able to define your goals more precisely. In this way, you can estimate the amount of learning you need to do in order to obtain your desired language level for the language certificate. You can also use the placement test as a check of your level of knowledge before the test for the language certificate. In this way, you can make sure that you have the language level required for the certificate before the test.

Would you like to take an official language certificate in English, Spanish or German? Get prepared for your language certificate with Sprachcaffe!

FAQ: Language Test

A language test gives you a very good idea of your language skills. In addition, you can use the language test to track your learning progress. If you take our language test regularly, you can see whether your learning goals are being achieved and whether you are following a good learning strategy.

The result of the test is based on the typical levels for languages. Your level is between A1 and C2, where A1 corresponds to a beginner's level and C2 to the level of a native speaker. The following list gives you a compact overview of the different levels:

  • A1 - Elementary Language Use I: You are able to understand simple everyday situations, introduce yourself and ask people simple questions, such as their age or where they live. You understand the answers when the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
  • A2 - Elementary Language Use II: You are able to understand sentences about common topics and talk about familiar situations. You can also talk about yourself, for example about your background or your needs.
  • B1 - Independent use of language I: You are able to understand the main points and context of conversations, talk about your personal interests, experiences or goals and cope with most situations when you are travelling.
  • B2 - Independent use of language II: You can understand complex texts and lead discussions in your field. You can hold a normal conversation with native speakers and communicate spontaneously and fluently.
  • C1 - Proficient use of language I: You can understand demanding scientific texts and express yourself fluently without having to think for a long time. In private as well as in professional everyday life, they can communicate and express themselves on complex issues without any problems.
  • C2 - Proficient Use of Language II: You can understand everything you read or hear without any problems and you can also talk about complex topics and present reasons or meanings at a high level.

If you would like to learn more about the different levels and find out about strategies for improving your language skills, you can take a closer look at our pages on learning English.

With the help of the language test, you can assess how well you have progressed in learning your foreign language. If you have improved by one level, your learning has been successful and you have improved in the use of your foreign language.

The main difference between a language test and a language quiz is its purpose. While a language test is specifically designed to determine your language level, a language quiz has the purpose to improve the language level. Another big difference between a language test and a language quiz is that a language test only shows your current language level, whereas a language quiz helps you to improve your language level.

Moreover, the contents of a language test consists of dialouges, and short texts that indirectly test grammatical rules, vocabulary and reading comprehension. A language quiz on the other hand consists of simple language games.

Normally, language tests cover grammar, vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension. However, the questions on these areas are asked in short texts and dialogue sections. This way, the language level is assessed as closely as possible to actual language use with the help of a language test. The content of a language test is specifically designed to allow comparison between different test takers.

In order for the language test to give you the most meaningful result, you should ideally not prepare specifically for the language test. The only way to prepare for the language test is to use your foreign language regularly and learn vocabulary and grammar at the same time. However, the language test can be used as a tool to prepare for official languae certificates.

You can take a language test at any level. It is best to always take a language test before a new learning period and determine your language level in this way. This way you can take the test again at the end of your learning period and see how much you have improved.

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