"If I were about to make a language vacation again, I would definitely choose this company."

Thinking of Sprachcaffe makes me feel overwhelmed with joy. If I were about to make a language vacation again, I would definitely choose this company. What I would take into consideration when choosing Sprachcaffe again is the experience I did have with the company before, namely July 2014 in Pembroke. The first contact was the shuttle bus from the airport to the host family house. What did make me think that the company does care about their students is that it did provide one transfer for one student only (I was not in a group) and the presence of the driver on time. During my stay in the host family I did realise that the choice of this family was not a random but selective procedure by which I was pleased – additionally, the hosts were cheerful and always ready to chat which gave me the opportunity to acknowledge part of the Maltese culture and way of thinking. What truly thrilled me was the charm of the place itself and the warmth of the crew. Firstly, the scenery of the islands is wonderful, especially the majestic Blue lagoon. On the other hand, the fact that the school building in Pembroke used to be a military base was of a great interest for me. Secondly, meeting and communicating with such energetic people and devoted to their work certainly made me not indifferent and made the one-month stay a great pleasure. The cheerfulness and readiness to help were overflowing from the crew and I did feel safe as if there would be any obstacle I face, there would be someone to support me. Moreover, the teaching group was supportive as well – for instance, I did not face any problem changing my class to an upper one due to that I did not feel comfortable in the one I had been placed in firstly. I had the great opportunity to have my classes taught by a sophisticated, laid-back teacher (if I am not mistaken his first name is Jason). Owing not only to the charm of the students in the group but to his teaching and human approach as well, did make the classes a wonderfully spent time. I would like to use the opportunity to tell him: Thank you for the energy you gave me and the group as a whole, Jason, it was a true pleasure meeting and communicating with you! Additionally, what does make me feel like choosing Sprachcaffe ever again is its profile, its developed network throughout the world. Taking in mind the number of schools and the variety of languages taught, it makes me think how determined and confident the company is in its visions about providing language knowledge and social skills. If you are thinking about a place where you could combine practicing your English, meeting new and different people, and, of course, unforgettable scenery – choose Sprachcaffe Malta schools.


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