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Our German language courses in Germany

German courses in Germany are a popular choice for language learners wishing to improve their language skills in a quick and natural way. As one of Europe's most important languages in trade and commerce, German is a popular and important language to learn. When you learn German in Germany you are ensuring that you have the unique chance to observe the language in its everyday use, soaking it up at every opportunity.

In addition to the language benefits of taking a German course in Germany, you will also have the chance to explore all the wonderful sights and attractions this central European country has to offer. From the diverse scenery to the changing architecture, the rich history to the unique cultural heritage, Germany has a diverse mix of qualities to offer. The home of bratwurst and Oktoberfest contains many important cities boasting art, culture, advanced infrastructure and deep history and tradition.

Metropolitan atmosphere and vibrant history

Discover Frankfurt and Munich, centres of German life

Meet international students

Study the language and explore the country with students from all over the world

Our language courses

Choose between Standard, Intensive, One-to-One, and Exam preparation courses

Discover German culture

Discover German culture and life in Germany up close with a language study trip from Sprachcaffe.

Our Language Courses in Germany

Both of our language schools in Germany - Frankfurt and Munich - offer a metropolitan atmosphere, vibrant history, unique architecture and a lively nightlife. You will see that in such exciting, cosmopolitan environments filled with new sights to see and culture to experience, learning becomes almost effortless. Make sure you use this unique opportunity to go on excursions to the surrounding areas as well as exploring your city of choice.

Hessian coziness meets cosmopolitan flair in a modern banking metropolis.

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Prepare for TestDAF and get to know German culture at the same time.

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Why study German in Germany?

By taking one of our German courses in Germany you could combine learning an important new skill with having a cultural holiday. Get to know all about the traditions and customs that make Germany unique, use your new language skills to get to know your city of choice more intimately than you would on an average holiday. Relax in comfortable German wine bars, stroll along wide rivers and admire the beautiful architecture, or sample the hearty, warm cuisine. Then use these exciting new experiences as discussion material in class, ensuring your language skills are improving constantly. Experience all this country has to offer and more on one of our German courses in Germany.

Why learn German at Sprachcaffe?

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the place where it is officially spoken. Surrounding yourself with it will allow you to learn quickly and effectively. So our German courses in Germany will not only give you the opportunity to master the language, but will also immerse you in an enriching experience Germany, an ever-growing world power, has put German at the centre of international business. With our courses, you will not only be investing in your professional future, but you will also open up a world of career opportunities both at home and abroad.

But beyond the professional advantages, learning German in Germany will allow you to explore German culture, immerse yourself in everyday life and enjoy new experiences, meeting people from all over the world. Come and discover the fascinating Germanic character with us!

Variety of courses

We have a wide variety of courses where you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Prime locations

The schools in Frankfurt and Munich are located in the heart of the cities.

Qualified teachers

Our teachers are native German speakers and are highly qualified in teaching.

Language certificate

After your course in Germany you will receive a German language certificate from Sprachcaffe.

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