Learn Spanish in Cuba

Learn Spanish in the Caribbean paradise of Cuba.

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Learn Spanish in Cuba for Adults

Cuba is one of Sprachcaffe's most popular Spanish schools, hosting language students from all over the world while inviting them to experience this breathtaking Caribbean island. Cuba boasts a beautifully diverse tropical landscape, a subtropical climate and a unique passionate culture. While embracing everything from the rich artistic heritage to the vibrant city vibe, students will be acquiring the Spanish language naturally and almost effortlessly.

Our school on this island paradise offers students the opportunity to learn Spanish from scratch or improve their existing skills while simultaneously immersing themselves in the Cuban culture. The country is known for its vivacious locals, authentic cuisine and a romantic musical scene that is famous for captivating every visitor.

Stunning Caribbean Island

Cuba is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world and is certainly one thing: breathtaking.


Turquoise water and pearly white beaches - enjoy your language study trip under palm trees.


Cuban culture is a unique experience, many relics from the Cold War era can be discovered here.

Educational leave

Enjoy Cuba and learn for your future career. A language study trip to Cuba is also possible as an educational leave.

Our Language School in Cuba

Our Spanish school in Cuba is ideally situated in the vibrant capital city of Havana. The area boasts everything from world class museums and heritage sites to authentic Cuban cafes and trendy salsa clubs. With so much to experience in this diverse and exotic city, Havana proves to be the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Spanish experience.

Students are encouraged to spend their free time absorbing the culture and exploring the wonders of their surroundings. Students are awarded with endless opportunities to hear the Spanish language in its natural everyday use in an environment that fuels a passion for everything Spanish. The welcoming Cuban community coupled with Havana's exquisite landscapes will leave every student inspired to learn the language and embrace the laid-back lifestyle.

Why Study Spanish in Cuba?

Cuba is the ideal destination to learn the romantic Spanish language with passion and energy fuelling every aspect of this stunning Caribbean island. The Cuban history, culture and heritage will enthral every visitor while spoiling them for choice, with an endless number of tourist attractions to visit.

Allow the unique rhythm of Havana to inspire you while you learn a lifelong language skill, create unforgettable memories and meet friends who will experience this incredible journey with you.

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