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Taking a Chinese course in China is arguably the most effective way to learn Chinese. The so-called "Middle Kingdom" is absolutely entrenched in rich history and culture and a knowledge of this will aid you in your ability in Chinese to no end. In addition to being surrounded by this ancient language on a daily basis, Chinese courses in China offer students the chance to witness some truly enchanting scenery, ancient landmarks, a unique cultural heritage and legendary hospitality.

When you choose to learn Chinese in China, you are ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you become immersed in one of the world's oldest and most fascinating cultures. Chinese is an unquestionably difficult language to learn, but if you combine this challenge with an exciting holiday then it becomes instantly more enjoyable.

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By taking one of our Chinese courses in China you are ensuring that your abilities in the language improve on a daily basis. As you explore the fascinating city of Beijing and all this country has to offer you will be learning something new at every turn. There is plenty to see and do inside and outside of Beijing. Go on plenty of adventures each day and come back to your classes full of exciting stories to discuss with your classmates in Chinese. We will equip you with all the language skills you need to navigate your way around your new, exciting environment as well as teaching you about the traditions and customs of the Chinese people, from their colourful festivals and belief systems to the unique cuisine, music and art. You will learn all of this and so much more during your time on our Chinese courses in China.

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