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French Courses in France for Juniors

France is the romance capital of the world. Combine this breathtaking city with a world-class language and travel experience. In the country where historic wonder is showcased in every beautiful piece of architecture and a rich culture is highlighted from every gilded bridge to quaint café - learning French will not only be almost effortless, but it will become an awesome experience on its own.

French Courses in Paris – Learn French in the “city of lights” and experience the amazing atmosphere that surrounds you while you discover the charm of France’s capital city. Admire the world-renowned Eiffel Tower or take a stroll along the River Seine while you enjoy the sounds of the French language.

French Courses in Nice – The luxury of Nice will allow you to enjoy a summer vacation in a true coastal paradise, while you learn French and enjoy a relaxed café culture! Indulge in the artistic heritage of the region and relax in the lap of luxury along the exquisite beaches.

From the beauty of the city of lights and love to the inviting coastal city of Nice – France is a country that has it all. Indulge in the delightful café culture or enjoy the mouth-watering cuisine in any of the exclusive French restaurants. Learn every nuance of this eloquent language while you embrace France’s mild climate, awe-inspiring architectural beauty and rich artistic heritage.

Allow the beauty of France to captivate you while the beautiful French language enthrals you. Embrace the language, culture and history of this fantastic country. As a young adult the world is your oyster, so make a decision that will play a vital role in your future, and choose to learn French at one of our amazing schools in this breathtaking country.

Why Choose to Learn French in France?

The days of learning a language from the pages of a textbook are over. With Sprachcaffe, we aim to share the language naturally while you absorb every nuance spontaneously. Surround yourself with the language, the culture and the beauty of the birthplace of the French language. The key to your future can be found in your awesome French skills, so what are you waiting for? Choose to learn French in France today.

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