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Arabic and French Courses in Morocco for Adults

Affectionately known as Europe's gateway to Africa, Morocco holds the balance between European charm and African energy. With the country's spectacular scenery and its unique and lively culture, students will be able to learn Arabic and French in this remarkably unforgettable destination. Experience the exotic sights and sounds of Morocco as you embark on a life-changing language and travel experience.

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is the home of its own distinctive heritage and rich culture with Arabic and French being the two main languages of this multilingual country. Students will have the ideal opportunity to experience the laid-back culture of Morocco while learning one of these fascinating languages and exploring the many enthralling attractions that the region has to offer.

Europe's gateway to Africa

Long-standing traditions and modernity

Land of Wonders

Experience Morocco's exotic sights, sounds and smells

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Arabic and French courses in Rabat - the country's capital

Our Arabic and French Language Courses in Morocco

Sprachcaffe's language school in Morocco is based in the capital city of Rabat with a number of natural, cultural and historical attractions in the surrounding area. The city effortlessly bridges the gap between history and trendy modernity, allowing every student the opportunity to experience the past alongside present day Moroccan life.

Students can absorb the cultural aspect of Rabat with the abundance of museums, galleries, theatres, mosques and Kasbahs, or they can simply bask in the many sunbathed beaches and palm-lined streets.

Why Study Arabic in Morocco?

While Arabic is considered one of the more challenging languages to learn, a language course in the home of the language will prove a worthwhile and immensely pleasurable investment. Students will have ample opportunity to experiment with their newly acquired language skills as they socialise with the locals as well as fellow students. With every element of the Arabic language and culture foregrounded, a language course in Morocco will undoubtedly be a rewarding and truly unforgettable language and travel experience.

Why study French in Morocco?

If you are looking to learn French somewhere outside of France, then why not take a French course in Morocco? After all, French is not only spoken in France but also in many North African countries. Learning French in Morocco has many great advantages - enjoy a year-round mild climate, experience delicious cuisine and discover the fascinating culture of the East. There are many reasons for wanting to study French in general, such as the popularity of the language (more than 300 million people worldwide), the beauty of the language, and the academic and professional possibilities stemming from a good knowledge of it.

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