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Spanish Language Courses

Spanish is a popular language with a bright future. There is no question that the Spanish language is becoming more and more important. Today, it is already spoken by almost half a billion people, and not only to be able to communicate better in popular holiday destinations: there are also very good economic arguments for it. And that, in turn, is one more reason for our Spanish language courses.

As usual on a trip with Sprachcaffe, you will not only learn a language, but also learn a lot about the country and its people. Last but not least, the class environment with "language students" from all over the world is also an asset to your knowledge because you not only spend the hours in the language course but also speak Spanish throughout the day. Go off together to discover your destination. Whether it's a sightseeing tour or a visit to a bar, you'll communicate in the language you're learning and perfectly combine duty with pleasure.

Of course, our excellent teaching methods also contribute to your learning success. You will also benefit from our highly motivated teachers during your Spanish language study trip. Learning Spanish at a Sprachcaffe language school is an all-around successful experience: you learn the language with ease and get to know great destinations at the same time.

Spanish Language Course for Adults

Spanish Language Course for Juniors

For 14 to 21 year olds

Learn Spanish on a beautiful sandy beach in the middle of charming Andalusia.

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Online Spanish courses

All Spanish courses take place in our easy to use online classrooms. Sign up now for an online language course at Sprachcaffe and benefit from the accustomed Sprachcaffe quality, experienced teachers and the group experience. Learn together with other like-minded people.

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Selected host family for you

Living with native speakers allows you to internalise the Spanish you learn in the course even more intensively. You will get to know the life of the locals, their culture and their cuisine. This is possible in a nice host family that we have selected especially for you!

Accommodation with other participants

You will share a flat or residence with other international participants and sleep in either a single or double room. This way you are constantly surrounded by the language and maximise your learning success! In Màlaga, you also have the option of living in a private studio flat.

FAQ about Spanish language trips

As Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is well worth learning! Countless countries have the language as their mother tongue. With Spanish, you can easily communicate in many parts of the world, such as South America or the Caribbean. At Sprachcaffe, we prepare you optimally for many life situations during your language study trip by using practical teaching methods and supporting you at your Spanish language level. You will also be in constant contact with the Spanish language outside of the language course.

2 countries. 4 schools. That's how big the choice is for adults. Learn Spanish in Spain or Cuba - we have selected these dream destinations for your Spanish language study trip. Our Spanish language schools in Spain are located in the popular destinations of Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga. Here you can enjoy the Spanish flair alongside your language course. Or you can fly to the paradisiacal Caribbean and spend your language study trip in Havana! Our students have the opportunity to take part in a language study trip in Spain. You can choose between Barcelona and Málaga.

With us, it doesn't matter whether you have no previous Spanish knowledge or whether you already have a good level but want to perfect it further. With our Spanish for beginners or other course options, you can start your language learning journey anytime. Through the placement test at the beginning of your Spanish language study trip, we can optimally determine which course you should take that fits your language level.

There are several ways to learn Spanish. Of course, you may study Spanish for free. However, with them, you are typically on your own and must devise a proper approach on your own. If you wish to entrust your Spanish learning to professionals, there will be a cost to your Spanish learning success.
Going on a language study trip to a Spanish-speaking nation is one of the best methods to enhance your Spanish quickly and efficiently. The cost of studying Spanish abroad will vary depending on where you go on your Spanish language study trip. Because you will not only learn Spanish on your language study trip, but you will also learn about the culture of the area, you should select the destination that appeals to you the most.

Learning Spanish for beginners or intermediate levels in 4 weeks is extremely doable with a language study vacation to a Spanish-speaking country. You will make remarkable progress in speaking Spanish in a very short period of time since you will be constantly exposed to the language during your trip and will also participate in a Spanish language course. A Spanish language study vacation also allows you to practice speaking Spanish with local speakers. This can help you improve your Spanish by allowing you to pick up some of the words and expressions that native Spanish speakers use in everyday conversation. However, if you want to become fluent in Spanish, we would recommend a longer language trip.

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